Chapter 5- Karma

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Chapter 5- Karma

What the hell is he doing at my table?

I turn to Dylan's usual table where the football players and the sluts of the school always sit and they are all watching me. The entire cafeteria is watching me because Dylan never leaves his table, especially to come and sit with a nerd like me.

I hate attention and this is definitely a way to get attention. Stupid Dylan Thompson. Always has to be the centre of attention.

I ignore Dylan and look down at my 'food' then I look up at Ruby who looks like she is about to piss herself. She is staring wide-eyed at Dylan who is sitting to the right of me. Yeah, bet you didn't think he would go this far right Ruby? Well he is an ass and he came here just to piss me off.

I sit in silence as everybody watches Dylan and I in shock.

How can I kill Dylan? Maybe I can use a chainsaw and sneak into his bedroom at night. Nope, bad idea. He will probably have one of his whores naked in his bed with him. Eww. Most likely London.

"I said hey nerd." Dylan says, raising his voice. "What do you want?" I growl through gritted teeth.

"I just came to talk." Dylan says wrapping and arm around me. There are a few gasps from the people that are watching us. I turn red and look down at my shoes. Stupid, stupid Dylan.

"I hate you." I whisper. He grins and winks at Ruby and she turns redder than a rose. Redder than a Ruby. Hahaha, genius. Not.

I really need to stop trying to make jokes, I'm as funny as a fucking peanut.

"Love you too nerd." I go redder than I thought possible and my whole body heats up with anger. Dylan smirks at me when he sees me blushing and I instantly turn away. Idiot.

I get up and throw my stuff away then leave the cafeteria. God, I can't explain how much I hate Dylan. He needs to stay away from me, or better yet, he needs to be deported to China where I never have to hear him or see him again.

I hear footsteps behind me in the empty hallways but I don't turn around to see who it is. I feel a hand pull me backwards by my bright orange polo. Stupid son of a-

The person slams me against the blue lockers and I groan. I open my eyes and see Dylan smiling down at me, "Now, why would you leave me there all alone in the cafeteria, nerd?" Alone? Stupid idiot. Everybody else in that cafeteria would be more than happy to sit with him. Why did he have to choose me?

"Get away from me!" I say, trying to get away from him and failing. "Why? I know you like it when I am close to you." He smirks, touching my cheek, "I can tell because you always blush." My stupid cheeks don't know how to chill. I slip out and away from Dylan and start running but he wraps his strong arms around my body and spins me around. I don't look up at Dylan but I know he is laughing at me. I hate when people laugh at me. "It's okay nerd, just admit that you like it when I touch you." He whispers. I knee Dylan where the sun don't shine and spin around on my heels, running as fast as I can.

Stupid pervert.

"Oh, I'll get you back for that one nerd! Karma is always a bitch!" He shouts as I run faster.


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