chapter 2: the Arcobaleno

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Chapter 2

Tsuna's pov

We went into the HQ of the Arcobalenos. It was amazing! It us bigger than I thought it is supposed to be small since they are infants after all. We are sitting on the sofas provided."Tsuna-kun,meet Yuni." Aria introduced me to Yuni. We greeted each other and Aria started the conversation."since you have no surname now Tsuna, what surname should we give you?" Aria asked, causing the others to think deep in thought to choose one for me. I was thinking as well. " well, my favourite number is 27, what about my surmane to be clieo, so my full name is Clieo Tsunayoshi?" I said, tilting my head. For some reason, everyone started to have a nosebleed(except Reborn, Verde and Yuni). 'Argh! He is too cute like that!' Everyone mentally screamed."mina! Why are you nosebleeding?" I rushed to get some tissue for them to stop their nose from bleeding further. Once everyone is settled with their nose from bleeding, Everyone agreed that it suits me. "Tsuna-kun,Chrome-chan,mukuro-kun since you do not like your family and your family does not like you at all, how about we adopt you guys?" Aria said. We looked at each other and had a silent conversation. We decided our answer. "Sure. We would love to Aria." I said smiling at her. For some reason everyone have nosebleed again. "Not again! Is something wrong with your nose today?" I asked worriedly. Everyone claimed that they are fine. 'If this keeps on they are going to die out of blood loss' I thought. Suddenly I heard gasps around me. "Mina what is it?" I tilted my head again. "Y...ooou havve winggs oonn yourr back. ."they stuttered, causing me to say "whattttttt! Impossible!" I stammered. Then I felt something brush against my legs. I turned around to see a pair of white wings behind me. 'Huh?' I thought as I looked at it.

Third pov

'Finally my idiotic younger son is gone' Nana thought happily as she walked to find my only son now. Nana heard crying coming from my idiotic son's room and found out that it was Ieyasu crying. "My dear, why are you crying?" Nana asked him. My only reply was a book shoved to my face. Nana realised that it was Tsunayoshi's diary. I started reading what was in there. A page after another tears started to drip for the said mom's face. She started crying with her son for her younger son whom she sold away even though she does not need money. 'What have we done?' They thought.

6 years later ( this skip is brought to you my the author who loves this anime very much.)


'Looks like I'm back in my home town again' I thought as I wore a brown cloak which blocked my wings. Should not take the risk after all. "Mina, let's go." I said ad I jumped from roof to roof with the rest following me. Hanging on my neck was the sky pacifier.


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