Chapter 6: Alive

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I opened my eyes, and saw that time had frozen while I talked to mom. Once again, I found myself in the freezing water, and had no idea which direction was up, or if up even was a direction. Feeling my lungs fill up with water, I couldn't deny that panick was the only emotion I was able to feel.

Why didn't I just choose death? I had the opportunity to fade away without feeling pain, and I chose this instead.

In that moment, I really thought I was better off dead. I desperately tried to swim in the direction I hoped was up, knowing that if I were wrong, that would have been my final mistake.

My lungs burned, and I could not continue. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the dark tendrils of water twisting around me, slowly beating away the last traces of air still in my lungs.

Harry's P.O.V.

Together with the others, I run over to the cliff. We had all heard... Ally's(?) scream. I reached the edge of the cliff, and understanded what was happening, when I couldn't see her, but could see cruises in the water.

I didn't think. Everything I did was on impulse. It wasn't time. I just jumped down to the water after her.

It was cold, really cold, but I ignored it. I had to save a life here, this wasn't the time to think about myself.

I saw a dark thing a little under me, so I swam over to her, grabbed her around the waist, and started swimming up.

When we finally come over the water, I gasped for air. Quikly, I swam into a little shore, were the boys already were. Sarah were problaby on the way down.

I crawled up on the shore, and laid her down, carefully. I hadn't really looked at her before, but now I tried to, because I felt like something wasn't right. And then it hit me: She didn't breath! On impulse, and I really didn't think, I crashed my lips to hers, trying the mouth-to-mouth-metode.

"Harry! What the hell are you doing?!?

Harry's P.O.V.

Slowly, I lent away from Alexandra. Unstead, I faced her best friend, my girlfriend. My really angry girlfriend, to be exact. I looked at her. At the boys. At Alexandra. OMG. What had I done?

"Ehm, um, I..." I started, don't knowing what to say. "Ehm, this is not what it looks like..."

'Yeah, Harry; very convincing' I thought for my self. But it was the truth. It was all on impulse. I didn't think. I just wanted to save Alexandra's life. And, Alexandra... It was something with her. I kind of felt like I knew her, but I really had no clue who she was.

She was a little cute, but her look wasn't like the kind of girls that I used to like. She was just looking... unnormal. Or, maybe it was normal, it just felt unnormal for me with the brown hair falling down to her waist, her brown, a little boring, eyes, with each pupil filling almost the whole eye.

Her mouth was little, the colour was something between orange and red. The skin was really pale, and kind of looked unhealthy. She was low, and, with her nails who looked like she were biting them, she just looked unnormal to me.

Sarah's eyes started watering, and she said: "I thoght you were different", before she ran away. I was on my when to run after her, but then Alexandra's eyes flew open.

Alexandra's P.O.V.

This was a really weird feeling. At first, it was just me flying around in a confusing blur. But now, I could see my self laying at the ground, with the boys around.

I saw Harry lean over and kiss me, and screamed my lungs out, but it didn't seem like someone heard it. And suddenly Sarah was there, screaming at Harry, but I couldn't understand her words.

It was when Sarah ran away I understood that I was flouting away from the Earth. I began panicking. I wouldn't die know! I used all my power to come back to my own body.

I am pretty sure you have jumed sometime. Well, imagine that you jump, but that you have to stay up in the air. Time the difficulity with ten. Now you are about to know how hard it was to come back to my body. But I did it.

I felt that I was back in my body. I tried to open my eyes, and, thankfully, it worked. They flew open, but I was quick with closing them again; I looked straight to the sun. Slowly, this time, I opened my eyes again, but not looking at the sun.

The feeling I had then is easy to discribe;

I felt alive.

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