The Volturi

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-Next Day-

I was standing beside of Mom and Dad with Nessie. I was scared. Then the Volturi came. And there was a lot of them.

"Red cotes are coming. The red are coming" Garrett said.

I giggled a bit. I feel much better now.  The Volturi's Leader I'm guessing is Aro. He is looking around.  

"Aro is looking for Alice" Dad and I said.

Mom nodded. Then we heard growling and howling. We turned and saw Jacob, Leah, Seth, and other wolves. I smiled. Seth walked beside Mom. Jacob walked beside Dad. I looked at the Volturi. They stopped. Grandpa walked forward. He started talking to Aro.

"We see the children! Don't lie" I guessing is Caius snapped.

"Their not immortal" Grandpa yelled.


"Or you can look at their cheeks. There's blood running though them" He said.

Aro started talking. Dad touched Nessie hair with a sad smile. Then he walked forward. Mom tried to using her Shield gift. Yes, we know how to use it now. Then Mom stopped. Dad touched Aro's hand. Aro smiles creepily. Then Dad let go.   

"I like to met them" Aro said.

Dad looks at us. Mom and I signed. We walked forward. Jacob and Seth walked with us. We stopped and turned. Uncle Emmett walked forward. He started walking with us. Then we stopped in front of the Volturi. I could feel someone looking at me.

"Ahh...young Bella immortally comes you" Aro said. Then he looked at Nessie and I. My heart started beating fast so was Nessie's. Aro started laughing crazy.

"I can hear their strange hearts" He said. Then he put his hand out. Nessie walked forward first. She looked at his hand then she put her hand on his cheek. Aro's eyes went big.

"Mincho" He said. Then he pulled away. He looked at the rest of the Volturi.

"Half Mortals Half Immortals" He said.

He looked at Mom.  

"Cored by this newborn while she was still human" Aro said. 

"In postural" Caius said. 

Aro looked at Caius.

"Do you think full me brother" He asked.

Jacob growled at Caius. Aro then looked at me.

"Your turn" He said as he put his hand out.

I looked at Mom. She nodded. I walked over to him.

"Hello Aro" I said shyly. I put my hand on his.

"Hmm...interesting I see nothing" He said. Then he let go of me. I walked back to Mom. Aro looked at me then at the Volturi.

"She has her Mom's gift" He said.

The Volturi gasps. Dad signed. Aro looked at him.

"Maybe I" He asked.

Dad froze. O oh. Then I froze. Dad walked over to Aro. He put his hand on Aro. Then Aro let's go. After that he started laughing crazy. Oh gosh! Aro looks at me then at The Volturi.

"Rose here has lots of gifts" He said.

The Volturi gasps again.

"What kind of gifts" Jane asked finally joining the talk.


"Well, she can read minds, can talk to people in their minds without touching them, and can control the elements" Aro said. Then he started smiling at Jane. She looked confused.

"She also has your gift Jane" He said with a laugh.

Jane's eyes went big. The Volturi gasps once again. I rolled my eyes. Dad saw it and tried not to laugh. Jane saw it and glared at him. Then we walked back to where we were.

"Bring Irina forward" Caius said.

They bring Irina forward.  

"What that the children you saw" Caius asked.

"I'm not sure" Irina said.

"Jane" Caius said looking Jane.

Irina started to pubic. 

"They charged these children are bigger" She said.

They started to talking. Then Irina looked at Mom.

"I'm sorry" She whispered to her. 

Then some of the Volturi grabbed Irina by the arms.

"Caius no" Dad yelled.

Then Irina's arms and head was ripped off and got catch on fire.  

"Irina" Tanya and Kate yelled.

Then they ran forward. Everyone tried to stop them. Dad looked at Zafrina.

"Blind Tanya" He said.

She did. Elzeazar and Carmen grabbed her. People was still trying catch Kate. Dad then looked at me.

"Rose use your pain gift on Kate again" He said.

I nodded. I then looked at Kate.

"Pain" I said.

Kate fell with a yell.

"Not again" She yelled.

Dad went over to Tanya.

"Gave my silt back" She said. 

"Tanya that's want they want attack now and we all die" Dad said.

Then he looked at Zafrina. She stopped. Then Dad walked over to Kate. He told her the same thing.

"Ok! I'm won't attack them" Kate yelled.

Dad looked at me. I stopped with a evil grin. Aro saw it and laughed. Dad smiles as he rolled his eyes. He then walked to when he was at.

"Pain" Jane said.

Dad fell with a groan. Mom and I looked at each other. I used my shield gifts. Mom looks at me and smiled. Dad got up. Jane looked around trying to use her powers on anyone else. Then she looked at me. I grins. Jane looked mad and she stepped forward. But her brother Alec pushed her back. Aro looks at Alec. Alec used his powers. Aro put his hand up. Alec stopped using his powers. Then I gasp.

"Aunt Alice" I said.

"Alice" Aro yelled.

They walked to the Volturi. But Felix and Demetri grabbed them. Aunt Alice started talking to Aro.

"Expect Rose. Let me show you" She said putting her hand out.

"Brother" Caius said.

Aunt Alice walked forward. Aro grabbed her hands. I readied their minds.

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