Knowing deadpool

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After, meeting him in a strange and friendly way. He asked you if, he could stay with you for a reason of saying that his house exploded because, some guys wanted to kill him. So, after talking about it with him and wondering if, it was a good idea. You were dumb enough to say "yes", that came with him giving me hugs that weren't necessary. But, it didn't hurt. I actually liked them but, right after I pushed him away. As for the time being with Deadpool, most of my day  started out somewhat like this. " Hey, you think you can put it on Cartoon Network for me ", he said laying on the couch. You looked down to see the remote behind his head rolling your eyes and said " Fine ", grabbing the remote to change the channel to it and started to clean your living room. " You like to clean", he asked as he watched the tv, adjusting his head. You chuckled, "Well, I used to do it in my  mom's house...What about your family, where are they right now" you said sweeping in front of him. He sat up on the couch pausing for a moment," I don't really know but, I don't think they know much about me". I stopped to look at him in sorrow, " oh, I'm sorry for asking. Umm, you think you can tell me your name, at least ", he turned and said" Wade Winston Wilson but, you can call me Deadpool ", you smiled " that's alot of W's in your name but, deadpool that's uh, unique name ". " Well that's my uh, superhero name ", he said turning his head to the side as scratching his head not knowing he was lying to you. You paused, " So, you know a lot of bad things happened in this city, and the superheros it must be cool to meet those guys and save people; You think someday you can take me to meet them and tell me some heroic things you've done " you said talking to yourself as soon as you started getting excited and realized you were since, he was asleep. You groaned a bit pouting and continued sweeping. When you were done with that you pretty much did nothing the entire day. You just watched TV as Deadpool slept next to you and wondered if, he was going to wake up. So, to make your day go faster you binge watched on some tv shows and ordered take out.

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