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I was siting with everyone else. Then I'm guess Alistair walked in. Everyone looked at him. They started talking. Dad picked Nessie up. Mom grabbed my hand. Nessie put her hand on Alistair cheek. He looked shocked.

"I'm still not going to help you fight against the volturi" He said. 

"That's what I said. Now look at me and Stefan we'll helping them" Vladimir said.

"Why" Alistair asked.

"Rose use your gift" Dad said.

Alistair looked confused. I grin evilly at him.

"Pain" I said.

He fell as he yelled.

"Well" Grandpa said.

"Fine" He yelled.

I stopped. Then I looked at everyone else.

"I love using this gift" I said.

Everyone laughs expect Alistair. He was looking at me shocked. I also tell him about my other powers and Mom's. He nodded. Everyone started talking again.

"What happens if going to Benjamin next, Zafrina, Kate, and Rose" Dad said. 

Everyone signed.

"Carlisle might not asked you to fight but I will the sake of my family and also for yours" He said.

Everyone started saying their fight. Then they looked at me.

"Can I" I asked shocked looking at Dad.

Dad nodded.

"Then yes" I said as I stand up. They nodded.

"That didn't take much" Vladimir said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that" Dad said.

"We'll see" Alistair said.

-Later on-

I was siting on the couch reading my book. Mom walked in and sat down beside me. Then Dad walked in. They starting talking. Then Dad walked in the bathroom. Mom signed. I looked at her.

"Rose" She said.

"What" I asked.

"Did you see this paper before" She asked.

I looked at it.

"I think so" I said getting up and grabbed the paper. I walked over to the books. I grabbed a book and opened it. It had a note in it. I read it. It was from Aunt Alice. I handed to Mom. Mom read it. She looked shocked. Then she put it in the fire.

"Why did you do that" I asked

"Because Aro could read anyone else's mind. But he can't read yours and mine" She said.

I nodded. I put the books back.

"Well, I'm going to bed" I said.

"Ok. Goodnight" She said.

"Goodnight" I said.

Then I walked out. I walked in mine and Nessie Room quietly. I walked over to my closet and put my night clothes on. After I was done I walked to my bed and lade down. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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