Vladimir and Stefan

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Then we heard werewolf calling. We looked at each other. Then we ran. 2 minutes later we stopped. We saw Jacob in his wolf form and other wolves. I looked around and saw boys. One has blonde hair and the other one has black hair.

"Vladimir and Stefan your long away from home" Grandpa said looking at each say their names.

"What their doing here" Kate asked.

I looked at Grandpa.

"Grandpa do you want me to use my you know what powers" I asked.

Grandpa looked at me while Vladimir and Stefan looked at me confused.

"Well, it could make them help us" Dad said.

"We'll not going to help you" Vladimir said.

"Go ahead Rose" Grandpa said. 

I looked at Stefan with an evil grin.

"Pain" I said.

Stefan fell as he yelled in pain. Vladimir looked at me with big and fear in his eyes. 

"Well" Dad asked.

Vladimir signed.

"Alright fine" He said.


I stopped. Stefan got back up. He looked at me with fear. I giggled evilly. Dad laughed. They came down. They looked at Nessie.

"Who's this" Stefan asked.

"My twin sister Renesmee" I said.

They nodded. Dad picked up Nessie. She put her hand on Vladimir cheek. Then he looked shocked. She did the same thing to Stefan. He looked shocked too. I also told them about my other gifts. They looked even more shocked.

"What's your Mom's gift" Stefan asked.

"Shield" I said. 

They looked even more shocked. I laughed.

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