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February 16, 2013

*Shaylee's POV*

My boyfriend of ten months, Ashton Irwin, dragged me to a stupid party tonight. It was at his house, and he had invited a lot of people over. It was sort of a going away party for him and his bandmates since they were getting ready to go on their first tour with One Direction.

I wanted to go, but I knew there would be drinks there, and I wasn't a party type of person.

"Shaylee," Ashton looked at me as I walked in his door. I arrived way before anyone else did.

"Ashton, you told me people would be here already," I told him.

"Not quite yet.." He smirked.

"Oh.." I smirked too, walking towards him.

He turned on his phone that was already hooked up to the speakers. He blasted 'Trumpets' by Jason Derulo. He looked back at me, beginning to kiss down my neck.


Later, I was walking around, trying to find someone I knew well. I had found my best friend who was two years older than me, Lexi Wilson and her boyfriend who was the same age as her, Adam Robinson. I asked them if they knew where Ashton had gone. They had told me no, so I kept looking.

"Ashton?" I walked around upstairs after not seeing him downstairs. I walked into his room and found him with another girl. They covered themselves up with the sheets.

"Damn, Shay, don't you knock!?" Ashton slurred.

"Fine. Knock knock," I looked at him, agitated.

"Who's there?" He looked at me, expecting a joke.

"I'm," I told him.

"I'm who?" He asked eagerly. He was piss drunk.

"I'm breaking up with you," I told him before slamming the door and bursting into tears.

"That wasn't very funny!" He exclaimed through the door. It sounded so distant.. I was trying to block out everything and just comprehend what had happened...


This is the prologue! I'm excited about this story.. I hope you like it! If you're new to my account or haven't read any of my other Ashton fanfics, you'd probably want to know that I update on Sunday mornings, Monday mornings, and Wednesday evenings (in USA time zones). I hope you guys will enjoy this story as much as I'll enjoy writing it!

-Lizzie xx

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