Benjamin, Senna, and Zafrina

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I walked to the Living Room. I looked around and saw no one. I walked outside and saw them. I saw new one. I walked over to Mom and Dad. They smiled at me. I smiled back. The new one looked at me.

"I'm guessing this your twin sister Renesmee" He asked. 

Nessie nodded.

"I'll be careful if I was you. She has lots of gifts" Kate said.

New one looked at me shocked so did Garrett.

"What gifts does she have" Garrett asked.

I told them. After I was done they looked at me with big eyes. I giggled.

"Well, I'm Benjamin. I can control the elements too" He said.

I nodded.

"I'm Rose" I said.

He nodded. Then we heard something behind us. We turned and saw two girls.

"Who are they" Mom asked.

"Senna and Zafrina from The Amazon" Dad said looking at each while say their names.

Dad grabbed Nessie hand. While Mom grabbed my hand. We walked to them. They smiled at us. Nessie looks like a 12 year old now. And I look like a 14 year old now. Nessie put her hand on Senna's cheek. She looked shocked. Then she smiled. Zafrina looked confused. Nessie did the same thing to her cheek. Zafrina smiled.

"Anyone what's to see my gift" Zafrina asked.

Everyone nodded. Zafrina looked at Dad. She did something I don't want. Mom and I looked around.

"This forest is real" Dad said.

Mom and I looked confused.

"I don't see anything" Mom said.

"Me too" I said.

Eleazar walked to us.

"Edward you didn't tell us your wife and daughter is a shield" He said. 

"What's a shield" Mom asked.

"It's why I can't read your mind like before. That's why Aro couldn't" Dad said.

"It's a very powerful gift" Eleazar said.

Then I felt something on my hand. We turned and saw Kate.

"She is a shield alright. Should put on her butt" She said.

Garrett started talking.

"Maybe it works on wreak" Kate said to Garrett.

Garrett pointed his hand out.

"Garrett I wouldn't" Grandpa said.

Then Garrett got shock with Kate's powers. I laughed so did Tanya and Carmen.

"You are a amazing woman" Garrett said.

Kate smiled.

"Oh. Put on her butt really Kate" I said.

Kate looked at me.

"Well, you did used your pain gift on me" She said.

"That's because you and Tanya was fighting my parents" I said.

"I know" She said.

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