Chapter. 7

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I watched as Logan walked away from me and shifted into his Black Wolf. He ran to the middle of the court yard where Mason was standing with his arm around Crystal's neck. Logan growled at him and by the time he let out, I shifted and ran next to him. Crystal was crying as Mason was staring at Logan smirking like he is all mighty.

Connor what the hell are you doing? Logan growled in his mind link, turning to look at me and I just nuzzled his nose. Helping, your not in this alone Logan. I said turning to look at Crystal who was looking at me, I winked. She bit Mason's arm making him cry out and drop her, she got up and ran to me and got on my back as I ran her back to the Pack House.

I watched as she ran inside, I ran back to the court yard to find Logan on top of Mason growling as which he shifted. Logan looked up at me when he smelled me, is she okay Kitten? He asked. She's fine. I said. Wow 'Kitten' Logan you went really low on that one. Mason laughed in the mind link.

Shut up Mason! I growled looking down at him, feeling Logan's eyes widen when he heard me growl. Logan made a sound that was like a groan and as I walked towards them. What did you just say Gayboy to me? Mason snarled pushing Logan off of him as he landed next Katie who was shocked by all of this. He walked till he was right in front of me, I snarled, Shut The Hell Up Mason. He growled and jumped on top on me biting at me until Logan growled and pushed Mason off of me.

He had a little of blood on him my blood, I tried to get up, but my paw would move. It hurt when I tried to move, I whimpered and stood up leaning on three paws.

Logan's Point of View:

I pulled Mason off of Connor and got him under me as he moved around trying to get up. Your have been taken from your spot as Beta Mason, I growled loudly at him and he went frozen. I got up off of him and heard Connor whimper, I turned around to find him leaning on three paws one curled up in front of him. He slowly walked over to me and whimpered when he got in front of me, he sat down and i did too, but I leaned my head down to his paw. I licked it slowly making sure I get every part of it and heard Connor start panting.

How does it feel now Kitten? I asked picking up my head to look at him. Better, still sore though. He said getting up and going to change and so did I.

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