15: He Tweets

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@NiallOfficial: Just had to tweet this picture of my beautiful wife, from our last vacation to the Bahamas. Isn't she gorgeous?:)

The picture he had tweeted was at you sitting in the sand at the beach when you had gone to the Bahamas with Greg and Denise last moth! The picture is on top of the page!


@NiallOfficial: My wife is having some weird cravings. I came home to find her eating cereal with Chocolate and Caramel sauce on it! Hahahaha

Niall had tweeted this after seeing you once again eat some weird stuff beacause of your pregnancy!


@NiallOfficial: Found my princess reading to our little girls today! She didn't see me. She looked gorgeous as ever though<3.

Niall had tweeted this after coming home from the studio and he found you reading a children's book to the twins!


@NiallOfficial: Sarah is mad at me cause i ate the last piece of the oreo cake , so I'm hiding in the bedroom closet!! Hihi, shhh don't tell her where i am.

Niall tweeted this after Sarah had gotten so angry at him for eating the last piece of the oreo cake, so he ran away from her knowing she couldn't chase her:)!


@NiallOfficial: Going out with the guys tonight, looking forward to a night out on the town🎉!

Niall tweeted this before going out with the boys and some other friends, while you where having a girls sleepover with Sophia and Eleanor. The guys where spending the night at Sophiam's hot after their night out.


@NiallOfficial: In the studio, writing a song for my two little girls. Can't wait to meet you girls<3 xx

Niall tweeted this one afternoon while he was in the studio, and the fans went crazy:)

A/N: So, yet another part is up. Hope you like it:)

Lots of Love😘xx

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