cha 1

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i got up from my bed and walked to my bag of clothes i didnt have them all unpacked yet since we just got to the new house yesterday i opened the bag of clothes 'what to wear?' i thought to myself i threw on a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a black tee shirt and a leather jack i walked out of my room with a pack of cigs and my backpack

"you know smoking can kill ya?" my little brother max said running up behind me lets just say me and him didnt get along

"ya? oh then i dont wanna live" i pulled out a cig and stuck it in my mouth and lit it its the only thing that keeps me sane since dad left ive had bad panic attacks so i turned to smoking

"IM TELLING MOMM!!" he ran and i grabbed him by the shirt i got close to his face

"ya aint gonna tell her shit ya hear?"

i tapped his nose and he nodded and ran off i walked down stairs and grabbed and apple i really didnt eat in the morning but todays diffrent i stepped out the door but right before i could get any farther to my car a pink car..really it was ugly as hell came down the street lighting fast and almost hit me "HEY WATCH IT" i screamed at it but of course the driver didnt slow down..i got into my car and sped off to school...Rydell high i wounder if there gonna be anyworse then my last school?? i went down the street alittle more and pulled up to the school i stepped out of my car and looked around to see kids smokeing and fooling around.Im starting to like it here i walk away from my car and pull out a cig and lit it as im walking people im walking i drop the cig on the ground and bump into this guy

"aye watch i..hey im danny you new here sweetcheecks" he winked i laughed

"no way hot shot" i got away from him to see a tall guy in a black leather jacket with T birds on the back of it just like the other guy he walks over to me

"hey sorry about danny...he just went through a bad break up.." he said..he was pretty cute i guess

"oh no its fine dont worry thanks though" i smiled i turned around and started to walk away the he shouted

"hey i never caught your name" he said

"the names emma emma padalecki you?" i smiled

"kenickie hey whats home room ya got??" he said with a smile i showed him my schedule

"hey we got mostly everyclass together! you want me to show ya around?" okay i take it back he was really cute

"ya i woul-" i was cut off when four boys walked over and tackled kenickie

"hey kenickie were ya been buddy?!" one of the boys said

"oh i was just helping emma around" he said with a smile the boys turned at me and stared

"take a picture it will last longer" i rolled my eyes at them i pulled out my third cig of the day i just got in school and im already having a panic attack i go in my pocket to grab a lighter then kenickie pulls out his

"here ya go" he winked and lit my cig

"thanks kenick" i smiled all the boys just stared at me even that guy danny from earlier

we stood there and smoked then a group of girls walked up one girl came up to kenickie real close to i wasnt liking it..

''hey kenick whos this broad??" the girl looked over at me while she rubbed his face he pulled her away

''get away from me rizz and this is emma shes leave her alone ya dig?" i looked at him...i think im falling for kenickie

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