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"Harry, don't stop" I moan, his hands trailing down my body his lips kissing every inch of exposed skin. He bites down on my neck pulling away looking at me with his deep green eyes.

"Are you Daddy's good boy?"

I spring out of bed, panting looking around the dark room. I look at the clock, the red led lights reading 4:30, I had 2 hours before Quinn would be awake. I couldn't fall back to sleep, I climb out of bed leaving the room walking down the hallway to the bathroom. Splashing cold water in my face, I leave the bathroom starting to the stairs to get a glass of water.

Harry's door was open, I slowly walk to the entrance standing in the doorway. He lies in bed, the covers off his muscular body, his tight boxers the only thing on his body. I bite my lip before stepping back closing the door, this was wrong. If everything Quinn says was true I couldn't fall for this trap.

"You need a boyfriend" Quinn says, at breakfast. I choke on my orange juice, Harry walking in just as she says this.

"What?" I say.

"I was thinking! School is stressing you out and when I start swim team we won't be able to spend every waking moment with each other so you need a boyfriend someone to keep you occupied" she says, I recover before wiping my mouth.

"No one at that school is my type" I say, Harry takes a seat fixing his tie.

"Who says it has to be someone at the school! There is this party and like three other schools are going" Quinn says, I gape how openly she says this in front of the father as if he wasn't sitting in the room. I don't dare a glance at Harry as I stare at Quinn.

"Alright" I say.

"It's going to be so fun, I love playing match maker.... Maybe if I did so for my Father he would stop whoring around" Quinn says, this time I do look at Harry as he laughs at his daughter.

"Sweet darling, but I'm doing just fine" he says, looking at me. I look away smiling at Quinn.

Quinn wasn't joking about a party, I've heard about parties held where multiple schools attend and although on multiple occasions I've been invited I never had the guts to go. Mainly because of my Aunt and Uncle for obvious reasons, but I just didn't feel like I fit in. Quinn on the other hand barely had to lift a finger to be socially accepted, we entered the house and everyone seemed to know her and welcome her, and it felt warm. We go into the kitchen getting cups of colorful liquid.

"Now let's get you a man" Quinn says happily, drinking down the contents. Besides the people who went to our school there was a lot of new faces. We walk into the living room and it was filled to the brim, I almost lose Quinn in the crowd but I stick to her like a second skin. All the way drinking the alcohol it burns my throat. We walk outside and the air hits us people lounge by the pool others stand in the grass and talk. "Well there are a couple of people" Quinn smiles, a group of boys stand by the pool watching some girls swim around in the probably heated pool.

"They don't seem interesting" I lie, Quinn ignores me. She starts walking over to them and I follow close behind standing behind her.

"Hey boys" Quinn says, they turn their attention to us.

"Hey" the middle one says, his eyes running up and down her body.

"What school are you from" Quinn asks.

"Norman Waver" the middle one says.

"Names Quinn, this is my friend Niall" Quinn smiles.

"I'm Liam, these are my friends Louis and Zayn" the middle one says, Quinn smirks finishing her drink, handing it off to me. I try not to make a face as I start walking back inside.

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