Arrival of Mr.Kabir Sharma

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At Kabir's house....
Kabir is getting ready for his first day at  KKN. Anurag and Tarini come there.
Tarini: Wow, Kabir you look fantastic.
Anurag: Yeah Kabir bhaiya you look great.
Kabir smiles and says: Thanks. Waise tum dono yahan kya kar rahay ho.
Anurag: Woh toh hum yeh dekhne aye thay kay aap ready ho gaye ya
Kabir: Kyun Mai tum dono ke bagair tayir nahi ho sakhta.
Tarini: Nahi aise koi baat nahi hai. Hum toh bas, waise good luck on your first day as Chief Editor.
Kabir says thanks and leaves.

It was 8:30, everyone was in the office and waiting impatiently for Mr.Kabir Sharma. Even though everyone is doing their work, all eyes are on the door.
Finally we see this hot, handsome and charming person come through the door and it's none other then Mr.Kabir Sharma.

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