14: Babies first kicks ( Her POV)

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I was out shopping for our girls. I had told Niall i needed a few hours to myself, cause i was just in that type of mood. I was at the mall currently in Baby's R Us looking at some clothes, when i felt something weird. I was concerened at first but then once it had happened a few times I understood what it was. Our girls where kicking for the first time. The doctor had said this happenes for the first time at different stages in the pregnancy. Then, i became even more upset. Niall wasn't there. He was home. He had missed our girls kicking for the first time. I started to tear up, so i put away what i had found and left the store. I left the mall and found my car in the parking lot. I sat there crying for almost 2 hours. And then i drove to this little café and had some lunch. After that i still didn't wanna go home, so i drove to the near by park, and found a bench and sat down.

I texted Niall and told him where i was, and within 5 minutes he was there at the park with me.

"Hey, baby. How was shopping?" He asked as he kissed me and sat down next to me.

"I didn't buy anything" i said upset.

Niall looked at me surprised.

"What's wrong baby? You always buy something when you're out shopping!" Niall said in a calm voice.

" Well i was in this baby store, about to go and pay for these adorable outfits, when i felt the babies kick for the first time. I got upset that you weren't there" i cried.

Niall wiped my tears away and kissed me on the lips.

" Baby, i know you're upset, i am to. But these are things we can't control. The babies will kick more times, and we will both be there to feel it" Niall said as he rubbed my stomach.

Just after Niall had said that, the babies kicked again, and this time Niall was there to feel it to. I could not be happier. This time i was crying happy tears. We sat in the park for a little while longer before we headed home.

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