Meeting Mommy, The Next Day, and Meeting Granddad

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I was standing beside Jacob and Aunt Rosalie. She was holding Renesmee. Then Daddy and I'm guessing Mommy walked in.

"Welcome to the family" Grandma said.

"You look amazing Bella" Aunt Alice said.

"Their waiting to meet you" Grandpa said.

"Rosalie" Daddy said. 

She turned around with Renesmee. She handed her to Mommy. She grabbed Renesmee. She put her hand on Mommy's cheek. Mommy looks shocked.

"What was that" Mommy asked.

They started talking.

"She's gifted" Daddy said.

"Was I really out for 2 days" Mommy asked.

They started talking again.

"I'm getting bored" I said.

Everyone looked at me. Mommy looked at me shocked.

"Rose is that you" She asked.

I nodded.

"I don't know why she looks like a 2 year old while Renesmee looks like a 2 mouth old" Grandpa said.

"Maybe she was supposed to be born first" Uncle Emmett said.

"Maybe" Grandpa said.

I then sneezed. Fire came out of my nose and it hit a plant. Mommy looked at me shocked. I sneezed again and this time water came out and hit the plant again. Mommy looked at me with big eyes.

"She was lots of gifts" Daddy said.

"You can say that again" Aunt Rosalie yelled

"What does she have" Mommy asked.

"I can control the elements, read minds, can talk to people in their minds without touching them, and I also have your gift" I said.

Mommy looked even more shocked.

"Man" She said.

"That what was thinking 2 days ago" Aunt Alice said.

Mommy nodded. Jacob signed.

"Alright the is enough talking for one day" He said trying to take Renesmee.

"What's your problem" Mommy asked. 

"Oh. Do tell her Jacob" Aunt Rosalie said.

"This should be good" Uncle Emmett said.

I giggled. Oh he is dead.

"You are dead" I thought to Jacob.

Jacob turned at gave me a glare. I grin. Daddy saw it and laughed. Mommy smiles. Everyone else smiles too. Jacob rolled his eyes. Then he looked at Mommy.

"It's a wolf thing" He said scared.

Oh. yeah everyone also told me and Renesmee that's Jacob is a werewolf.

"What's a wolf thing" Mommy said getting angry with a glare.

"Uhm...I can't control it" He said.

"Take Renesmee and Rose out of the room" She said.

Aunt Rosalie walked out with Renesmee. Aunt Alice picked me up. I looked at Jacob with an evilly grin. Daddy laughed. I giggled. Then Aunt Alice walked out with me.

-Next Day-

I walked where everyone else is at. I looked like a 3 year old now. Man! I'm growing fast! Everyone looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I looked around and I didn't see Aunt Rosalie, Nessie, Daddy, and Mommy anywhere.

"Where's Nessie" I asked.

"Blonde stoll her" Jacob said eating food and looking out the window. 

I rolled my eyes. I turned around and saw Mommy and Daddy standing there. Mommy looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.

"Rose you look like 3 year old now" Daddy said.

"I know! I'm glowing fast! Is it awesome" I yelled happily.

Everyone laughs even Jacob laughs. I looked at Daddy.

"Can I go outside and see Aunt Rosalie and Nessie" I asked.

Daddy nodded. I ran outside using my half vampire speed. I appeared in front of Aunt Rosalie and Nessie. Aunt Rosalie jumped. I giggled. She rolled her eyes with a smile. I sat down beside her. Nessie looked at me. She put hand on my cheek.

"Hey sis. Your growing up fast" She thought to me.

"You are growing up fast too a little bit" I thought back to her.

She smiled and giggled.

-Later on-

I walked in the Living Room with Daddy. He was holding Nessie. She looked like a 4 mouth old now. When we walked in we saw Mommy and a man with black and gray hair. They looked at us.

"This is Renesmee and Rose" Daddy said looking at Nessie then at me.

"Your nieces" the man said.

I had a confused face on.

"Our daughters" Daddy said.

"Right the adopters" the man said.

He looked at me then at Nessie.

"They got your eyes Bella" He said. Then he looked at Daddy.

"And this one looks like you" He said looking at me. I giggled. Daddy smiles.

"I need to know I guess" the man said.

Mommy nodded. She looked me and Nessie.

"Girls this my dad your other grandpa" She said.

I nodded.

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