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We were lucky, lucky that my Uncle Joseph was at the bar and my Aunt Cissel was at work. It was still pretty early and her shift wouldn't end for another half hour, and heaven knows when my Uncle would get back. We had to go through the fire escape because my door was still locked. Armed with trash bags we start throwing in my clothes, shoes, and other things. Completely gutting my room before leaving out the front door to the waiting car.

"Let's go please!" Quinn says. We rode with the windows down, I went through the bags to make sure I didn't leave anything. When we made it back to her house, Quinn just puts my things in a random room before showing me to a bathroom. "Take a shower, wash your hair, I'll get your room ready alright?" she says, before shoving a towel in my hand. I close the door shedding my door throwing them in a corner, turning on the water to the hottest setting, I climb inside, standing under the water first.

I wash my hair first, with the strawberry shampoo then washing my body with the coco butter aloe vera, body wash. I stand under the water for a while before the water began getting cold. I turned off the shower, grabbing towel drying off. I step into the hallway, retracing my steps to the room where my clothes are, I open the door and Quinn sits on the floor separating my clothes.

"Uh...... Can I get dressed?" I say, she turns back to me.

"These aren't clothes, these are rags" she says, dropping the shirt in her hands. She stands turning to me. "Don't worry we're going shopping tomorrow" she says.

"What about school?" I say.

"What about it? One day won't kill us.... Now get dressed I want you to meet Francis" she says, leaving the room. I close the door locking it and get dressed. Then I quickly fold and put away all of my clothes, a put away all of my shoes. Then I meet Quinn downstairs in the kitchen. "Francis this is Niall!" she says, happily.

"Hello" I say, staring at the tall, skinny blond male.

"Hi Niall, nice to meet you" he says, he was French.

"Nice to meet you as well" I say, Quinn pulls me into a seat at the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"So, what's for dinner?" Quinn asks.

"Your father is bringing a guest to dinner so he requested the best" Francis says, his grimace doesn't go unnoticed.

"Guest? What's guest?" Quinn says, Francis shrugs turning and opening the fridge. Quinn sighs before hopping off the stool.

"Come on Niall, let me give you the full tour!" Quinn says.

First, she shows me the living room, and all it's nice furniture. Next was the den with the TV, pool table, and 4 consoles. Next was the backyard, with a huge swimming pool, and a pool house. This place was more amazing then I imagined.

"This is all yours now!" Quinn says.

"Quinn! Come meet my friend" Harry yells, Quinn groans. She stands up from the couch in the den. I grab the remote pausing the movie before following Quinn from the den. We walk down the hallway, meeting Harry in the main hallway, with a girl on his hip. "Quinn this is my girlfriend Kendall, Kendall this my daughter Quinn, and her friend Niall" Harry says, eyeing me before smiling down at the girl.

"Hi, it's so nice to meet you! I've heard so much about you" Kendall says.

"And yet this is the first time I've heard of you" Quinn says.

"Quinn" He just bites his tongue and smile again. "Will Niall be joining us for dinner?"

"Actually papa, Niall will be staying with us for the time being until we graduate and go to college" Quinn says, nonchalantly.

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