Car Rides (CHANBAEK)

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*WARNING nonau!They are still EXO members here ~ jealousy!chansoo!bestfriendau! * + I am sorry for grammatical or any other possible mistakes as well! 

The lights begin to darken, the screams become silent the further they get away from the stage. All sweaty and exhausted, Baekhyun strips off his annoying shirt as soon as he gets to the dressing room. Another day of EXO's tour has come to an end and it really came out well. Baek still dreams about going to bed while his bandmates footsteps go unnoticed. Until his loud voice scare the shit out of him. "Idiot", the elder rolls his eyes playfully , earning a small smile from the giant. The other members join them now as well and as soon as Kyungsoo enters the door, Chanyeol starts being hyper again. By again, Baekhyun means that since his best friend was all sad about D.O's acting schedule so much, he never sleeps without bothering him. Same way for now, poking his butt cheeks and running away like some sort of dog. It's not that Baekhyun complains, I mean, the two have been close before so why would it make him so upset in out of sudden, right?

But he definitely lies to himself everytime.

Even during the drive back home, in which Baekhyun shares a van with Chanyeol, Suho, Chen and Kyungsoo for today, something's off in his head. Suddenly he doesn't feel like singing to the loud music in the car, doesn't want to reach Suho's limit to make him angry, he just stares out of the window and watches the empty streets passing by. "Are you alright? You look like an emo kid" , Chen snorts next to him. "Shut up, I am not the one who is posting poetic quotes on tumblr overnight" , he fights back and instantly stops when he hears Chanyeol deep voice singing.

Of course, it is the song he has been practicing the guitar for so long the past days : Kyungsoo's cover of "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber. As if D.O read his mind, he joins in the melody and shows off his beautiful tunes. Somehow it reminds Baekhyun of those never ending nights with Chanyeol.

He remembers how they'd sneak out of the dorm, grab the car keys while they were still in their pajamas and get away in the dark. Chanyeol would turn on the volume and Baekhyun would pick the songs. They'd hum to 'Tender Love' before losing themselves into it more, causing Chanyeol to record it for his instagram page. They didn't even care about the fact that another interview was waiting for them the following day, they didn't care if anyone could scold them, they were just carefree by each others sides. Well, at least Baekhyun was in his opinion. Unfortunately even those unforgettable nights have their ends and days turned into weeks, weeks into months and up to now it has been way too long since they were so close like during that time. Baekhyun always feels a little twitch in his chest area whenever he'd glance at the taller for a longer time than usual... because he missed him.

- - - - - -

Park Chanyeol loves being underneath the blanket after such a tiring day again and his roommates too, who have fallen asleep the moment they laid down their beds. But this day was different to him. Even though he closes his eyes, his mind won't keep shut and let him rest. Somehow it reminds Chanyeol of those never ending nights with Baekhyun.

He remembers how they'd talk gibberish until they weren't sleepy anymore. How Baekhyun would make those cute noises before he got lost in his dreams , making Chanyeol wait for it every night. Well, at least he found it worthy every time. Sharing a room with his best friend was really something... something unforgettable.

He is wondering if he might be awake too? Chanyeol hesitates before tiptoeing carefully out of his room, leaving a snoring Kyungsoo and Jongin behind. His fingertips ghost above the doorknob and finally go inside of his hyungs zone. For a moment he wants to smack himself for actually believing the possibility of Baek being wide awake while they just had a concert before but...

"Chanyeol...?" - a soft voice calls out quietly. The said boy's heartbeat fastens as the shape of the elder stumbles out of the blankets. "I can't sleep", he simply sighs and he swears he can see the other laughing in delight. "I have just the right idea", Baekhyun wiggles his eyebrows before grabbing a hold of Yeol's arm and pulling the confused Yoda along. "Wait- what are yo-"
"Shh!", Baek stops in the middle of the way, causing Chanyeol to crash against the elders back. "The others might hear us. Hurry, take the keys", he smirks.

- - - - - -

"I can't believe we're at it again", Chanyeol grins while drifting his eyes towards his right, where a familiar voice is shouting brightly to his playlist

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"I can't believe we're at it again", Chanyeol grins while drifting his eyes towards his right, where a familiar voice is shouting brightly to his playlist. He probably hasn't heard him, but for some reason Chanyeol is just fine by watching Baekhyun all happy like this and because it is because of him.
It has been a time for sure but something just won't leave the youngers head.
Passing all the lights of the streets, driving far away, the car's speed starts to become way calmer than before. Baekhyun notices too and before he can ask anything, the motor dozes off completely. The driver has parked already, the sky's too dark to recognize where they might be.
"Why are you acting so distant the past weeks?" , Chanyeol blurts out , his mind completely lost in confusion. Baekhyun feels a little taken aback though.

"Well...", Chanyeol swallows. " I mean, you're being so quiet, which is unusual. I thought you're sad maybe.." Where the fuck did that shyness come from?
"I don't know. You didn't seem to care anymore", Baekhyun mumbles.
" What are you talking about?!" , Chanyeol looks shocked and interlocks his fingers around the others wrist, forcing him to look in his eyes once more. "I never stopped caring about you"
"Well, you seemed to stop when Kyungsoo-" Shit.
"Kyungsoo?", Chanyeol widens his eyes if they can get even any bigger. " Are you jealous?" That's no good.
Baekhyun frees his hand, trying to avoid the awkward tention and shuffle his songlist but Chanyeol's grip is too strong. Screw, those muscles. (Don't worry, Baek loves those guns though)

"I just missed being with you." , Baekhyun finally confesses and his eyes slowly find their ways to Chanyeol's , facing him. "I wanted to have you back as my best friend" Baekhyun can't define the expression in the tallers face whose mouth is slightly agape, fingers freezing and not moving an inch. Baek starts to feel embarrassed...
even more when Chanyeol wraps his long arms around his back and pulls him into a tight hug. He feels his breath playing tricks on his skin as he burries his face deeper into his neck. "Dumbhyun", he whispers with a smirk and places a kiss on his shock of hair.
" You're jealous over Kyungsoo while acting all lovely dovey with Sehun?!"
But Baekhyun doesn't finish his sentence. Chanyeol literally makes him speechless by capturing his parted lips in one go, kissing him for the first time. Baekhyun can't handle his trembling fingers but finds them playing with Yeol's thumb while he caresses his lips lovingly with his own.
They both pull away when Baekhyun's hand accidently touch his phone and the loud sond of a rhythm starts to burst out. But not just of a random song.

"♫ Indoui anjjogeuro deureowa deureowa ... ♫ "
okay terrible end xD BUT A KISS SCENE JUST HAD TO BE THERE. Sorry for mistakes its so late right now. ~ hopefully you like it! XOXO byunsshi !!

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