These Hidden Eyes

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UPDATE 12/21/11: changed the characters majorly. please go look

DISCLAIMER: i realize this is possibly the worst day to start a story like this, but in a way, there isnt a better one. im not condoning terrorism in any way, shape or form, nor am i saying this is realistic. its not about america or any other real country so please, bear with me.  you'll see what im getting at soon enough. i apologize if i offend you; i had no intention to.



            Quiet gasps for air, fingers deftly twisting copper wires together, muted whispers in the dark; this was what it came down to.  This was Viper; a so-called terrorist organization cursed by every government official with the vaguest idea of who the group was.

            In actuality, every idea was false.  Viper was about exposing what goes on behind the propaganda to those who don't fit into society proper.  It was about the hope that maybe someday things will get better for the outcasts.

            Because, truthfully, no one fits into all the boundaries set by society.