Rose and Renesmee Born

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I was siting in mom's stomach with my twin sister.

"I'm bored" I thought to my sister. 

She touch my cheek.

"We will get out of here at some point" She thought to me.

I signed. Then some thing happened. We heard a broken noise. We starting crying. Then my sister was out of Mom's stomach. What the heck!

"It's Renesmee" a man voice said.

I started crying louder. Then I was picked up. I looked up and saw a man with brown hair and gold gold eyes. He smiled at me. I smiled back as I giggled.

"Rose" a female voice said.

I turned and saw a woman with brown hair and brown eyes. Then another woman showed up. She has short black hair and gold eyes. 

"Here let me take her" She said.

The man gave me to the woman. Then she walked out with me. We went to a room. Their was another girl with blonde hair and she was Renesmee. Black hair girl sat down beside of the Blonde girl. Rensmee touched the black girl's cheek. The girl looked shocked.

"She's gifted" She said.

The blonde girl smiled.

"Hi I'm your Aunt Rosalie" She said to me and Rensemee.

"And I'm your Aunt Alice" Aunt Alice said.

"Hi" I thought to them both. I can talk to their minds without touching them.

They looked at me shocked. 

"She's gifted too" Aunt Rosalie said with smile.

I giggle. 

"Man" Aunt Alice thought to herself.

I smiled and giggled.

"Can also read minds" I thought to them.

Their eyes went big.

"She has more gifts" Aunt Alice said shocked.

Then a man with black hair and green eyes appeared. He looked at Renesmee. Then he fall to his knees. Our Aunt's turned around and looked at him.

"You didn't" Aunt Rosalie said.

"I did" He said.

Aunt Alice signed.

"What's their names" He asked.

"This is Renesmee" Aunt Rosalie said holding Renesmee.

"And this is Rose" Aunt Alice said holding me.

"Hi" I thought to him.

He looked at me shocked. He opened his mouth to say something but got cut off by Aunt Alice.

"She can read minds and talk to people in their minds" She said.

He nodded.

"Renesmee can talk to people in their minds when she's touching them" She said.

"Ok" He said.

I then sneezed. When I did fire went out of my nose and hit a plant. Aunt Alice, Aunt Rosalie, and the boy looked at me with big eyes. I sneezed again and this time water came out of my nose and hit the plant again. The fire went out. They looked at me shocked.

"She can control the elements too" Aunt Alice said shocked.

"Gosh girl! How many gifts do you have" Aunt Rosalie yelled shocked.

I laughed so did Renesmee. I looked at the boy.

"What's your name" I asked and thought to him.

"Jacob" He said out loud.

I nodded. Then the man with brown hair appeared. He smiled at me as he grabbed me.

"Hi Rose. I'm your Daddy" He said.

"She has lots of gifts Edward" Aunt Alice said.

"Really" He asked shocked.

"Yes, I can read minds, talk to people in their minds without touch them, and control elements" I thought to Daddy.

He looked at me shocked.

"Hmm...that's strange" He said with a weard look.

"What's wrong" Jacob asked.

"I can't read her mind" Daddy said.

"Looks like she has her mom's gift also" Aunt Alice said.

Daddy nodded. I'm sleepily.

"You didn't" He said with a growl to Jacob and looking at Renesmee.

"I can't control it Edward" He said.

Daddy signed. 

"I'm sleepily" I thought to him.

Daddy looked at me and smiled. 

"Go to sleep then" He said. I nodded. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

-2 Days Later-

Mommy was still asleep. Rensmee looked like a 2 mouth old. I looked like a 2 year old. Which is awesome! I walked to Aunt Alice. She smiled at me. I smiled back. 

"Your Mommy woke up" Grandma said.

"Really" I said.

"Yes, she and Daddy went hunting. They should be back in a second" Grandpa said.

I nodded. They told me and Renesmee that their vampires and we'll Half Human and Half Vampire. 



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