Chapter 25

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Stealing Hearts 7/26/13

Chapter 25 (Short but so cute)

Allison’s POV

The stars shined bright against the dark night sky. Billions and Billions of burning fire balls stood up against the black of space. Here’s Niall and I, just two people against billions of other people on Earth. I don’t think I could’ve picked a better person to be my boyfriend about of those other billions. Lanterns lined the tree limbs as well as the ground. The picnic blanket was large enough for Niall and I to have a food fight. He packed grapes, little finger sandwiches, and some homemade cookies that he stole from Harry. We started trying to catch the grapes by throwing them up in the air and catching them into our mouth. It soon came to trying to throw the grapes at each other. I lean my head back ready for Niall to throw another grape when I get squirted with water. I gasp staring at my boyfriend who has an innocent grin plastered on his face. The water gun sat right beside him, so I grabbed it as fast as I can jumping up and spraying him back. Niall looks up at me with an evil look. I squeak taking off down the hill towards the lake. Niall runs behind me catching up pretty fast. We both ditched our shoes a long time ago, letting the grass tickle our toes. Strong arms wrap around my waist pulling me back into a muscular chest. Niall spins me around as I laugh a huge smile going from ear to ear. He puts me down softly letting me turn around. I go on my tippy toes giving his lips a kiss. He brings his arms around my waist picking me up quickly and setting me back down on his feet. Even then I still went on my tippy toes. Niall’s blue orbs sparkled in the full moon’s light.

“I love you Allison.”

“I love you too Niall. I really do.” I say smiling up at my boyfriend. Blush rushes up his cheeks as he looks down at the ground. I giggle a bit taking my finger and pushing his chin back up. His eyes level with mine. I place a small kiss on his nose. He smiles an easy grin kissing my forehead. A light breeze flows my hair back. My dress swirls around my knees.



“Dance with me.” I giggle pulling at his wrist moving down to the dock on the water. He laughs following me with joy in his eyes.

“Sing our song Niall.” I ask softly looking up into my boyfriends beautiful blue eyes that seemed to sparkle more every time he looked at me. I took my hands and placed them around his neck coming in closeting to his chest. He brings his hands around my waist holding me firmly. He starts singing our song softly with lust in his eyes.

“You tell all the boys no

Makes you feel good, yeah” The soft grass goes in between our toes not bothering us. My hair flows out with the soft wind blowing through the field.

“I know you're out of my league

But that won't scare me away, oh, no” He kisses my forehead as I lean in closer on him.

“You've carried on so long

You couldn't stop if you tried it”

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