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Elena's POV

Today is our first day back. After the death of our parents we kinda took the rest of the school year off, but today I am going back to school and so is Jeremy and Evie is going back to daycare.

Dear Diary
Today will be different it has to be. I will smile. I'm fine. Thank you. Yes I feel much better. I will no longer be the sad little girl who lost her parents. I will start fresh. Be someone new. It's the only way I'll make it through.

I walked out of my room and was just about to walk into Evelyn's room when I saw her and Jeremy laughing like old times as if everything was back to normal.

"Okay you two it's time to get going or else your going to be late" I chuckled as I lifted Evelyn and placed her on my hip.

"Do I have to go to daycare" Evie's little voice squeaked.

"Yes you have to go to daycare." I replied, as she played with my straightened hair.

"But I wanna stay with you." Her voice once again squeaked as her grip tightened around my neck.

"I know Ev but I have school and Jenna has work." I said really hoping she wouldn't burst out into tears. Ever since the accident Ev and I haven't spent a day apart.

"Will you come back for me?" She asked holding back a waterfall of tears.

"Of course I'll come back for you. How could I ever leave my little sister?" I asked tickling underneath her chin as she squirmed and giggled, but that all soon turned to a frown.

"Mommy and Daddy left" she said looking down. We never really explained what happened to them all she knows is they went to a better place, I mean she was with us in the car. But, how do I explain to a 3 year old that her parents died and her older sister was practically the reason.

"Hey Ev listen to me. Mommy and Daddy loved you very much they never wanted this to happen but they love you." As I spoke these words a single tear escape my eye. We haven't talked much about our parents but you can clearly tell it has taken a toll on all of us.

"Okay" She said hugging me as I walk into the kitchen and see Jenna frantically pacing around the kitchen.

"Toast I can make toast" Jenna said opening the refrigerator.

"It's all about the coffee Aunt. Jenna" I said placing Evelyn down on the counter.

"Is their coffee" Jeremy asked coming down the stairs.

"It's your first day of school and I'm totally unprepared." Jenna said rushing over to her black leather purse.

"Lunch money?" She asked holding up 2 five dollar bills.

"I'm good." I exclaimed filling my coffee cup.

"Anything else a number to pencil? What am I missing?" Jenna asked.

"Don't you have a presentation today?" I asked her sipping my coffee.

"I am meeting with my adviser at Crap...Now!" She exclaimed checking her watch and grabbing her bag.

"Then go well be fine." I assured her.

"You okay?" I sincerely ask Jeremy.

"Don't start" Jeremy snapped back picking up Ev and kissing her on the cheek.

"Have fun at daycare okay princess." He said now placing her on the floor. I then grabbed my bag and grabbed Evelyn's hand as Bonnie just pulled up. I placed Evelyn in her seat in the back then reluctantly sat in the front.

"Okay so grams is telling me I'm psychic. That were from Salem. Which is crazy and all that and I'm like put this women in a home already. But now that I think about it I predicted Obama." After that I kinda zoned out thinking about my parents.

"Elena back in the car" Bonnie laughed at me.

"I did it again didn't I. I'm sorry Bonnie. You were telling me about" I really don't even know.

"That I'm psychic now" she stated proudly.

"Right okay" I said sometime she worries me. Just then something flew out of the sky and our car swirled all over the road.

"Oh my god Are you guys okay." Bonnie asked I looked back at Evelyn who was clearly shaken up.

"It's okay we're fine" I said as we pulled up to the daycare.

"I'll be right back." I said getting out and getting Evelyn out as well. I grabbed her bag and walked inside. I bent down to her level and saw the tears brimming in her blue eyes.

"Hey look I'll be back I promise maybe I can even get Caroline to come to!" That seemed to cheer her up she gave me a hug then slipped into her class. I walked back to the car and we headed to school.

At school

As I was walking down the hallway stupid me bumped into a new guy.

"Ohh my god I am so so sorry. Um here let me help." I say bending down and helping him with his books.

"It was my fault. Uh I'm Stefan. Stefan Salvatore." He said holding out his hand.

"Elena, Elena Gilbert" I say shaking his hand.

"Well I'll see you around Elena." He said but I couldn't help but stare into his pure forest green eyes.

All through class I could t help but stare at him. He is Captivating. Ring. Class is over and I have to hurry to pick up Evelyn before she has a panic attack that I won't come back for her.

As I started walking to pick up Evie I remembered that I forgot to ask Caroline. As I walk into Evelyn's daycare I look at all the pictures they have hanging up. They are of the kids and their Family's and I just stare at a picture of Evelyn my Mom and Dad.

The smile plastered on Evelyn's Face the way her eyes are glistening. She hasn't been that way since the accident. She hasn't had the same smile and her eyes have yet to glisten the way they used to. God what I would give to have my little sister back. My happy little sister.

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