Mother Natures a Bitch

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Bucky Barnes

Once upon a time, mother nature decided to torture women once a month for not having babies. It was the worst time of the month, the month where you were either happy or sad, angry or silly, cuddly or 'get your mother fucking hands off of me'. It was not a joyful time of the month considering your mood swings, painful aching in your stomach and cravings. Whoever said Karma's a bitch never met mother nature, apparently.

This week was your turn to be tortured.

You dragged your feet from your bedroom to the kitchen, your sweatpants dragging along the floor and your fist balled up in the sleeves of your shirt. You didn't care what you looked like, with your hair pulled up and your glasses on, you were about ready to snap at anybody who commented on your fashion choice of the day.

You swung open a cabinet that you knew was filled with fattening snacks, you grabbed the Oreo's and the chips. Next you went to the freezer and got your Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy tub. You were about ready to got back to your room to devour all the food you had when your eye caught sight of a container with chocolate chip cookies from some bakery inside. You snatched those up too and started to head back to your room when you heard Tony call out to you.

"That's a lot of food, Y/n."

You snapped your head around and glared at him. "Excuse me, man, but I'm on my girly week so I can eat all the fuck I want. So shut up."

You heard a faint chuckle from Clint who was across the room, "Man, she told you."

You snapped your head in his direction and opened your mouth to tell him to shut up when he raised his hands in defense. "Girl, I don't judge. You can eat all you want. By the way, you look gorgeous today. I love your shirt, it makes your eyes pop."

You shut your mouth and smiled at Clint, he was always the sweetest to you on your girly week. Him, Natasha and Wanda seemed to be the only one's who knew how to handle you. Tony always ran for the hills, he knew he would slip up and say the wrong thing to you eventually. Thor stayed clear and if he ever ran into you, he learned from Clint to smile and nod to anything you had to say. Steve seemed flushed and nervous to be around you during these times, he didn't know what to say or how to say it but you never rated him out about it, he was your only exception.

Well, him and Bucky. Bucky, the man you had a crush on the moment you saw him, the two of you had been dating for about six months now and things couldn't be better. He gave you the type of feeling people in books get, the undescribable feeling of happiness and butterflies just dashing around your stomach. Just thinking about him or hearing his name made you blush and grin, people thought the two of you were the absolute cutest!

"Oh," Tony froze, his face falling pale and he looked weirded out. "Are you feeling okay?" Clint grunted and shook his head, he knew Tony fucked up again.

"Am I feeling okay?" You repeated, raising an eyebrow at him. "I don't know Tony, am I? Am I feeling okay? Do I look okay? 'Cause I know that I am certainly not feeling okay. It feels like I am getting stabbed, over and over again in my stomach. It feels like I want to cry but at the time I want to laugh, it feels like I look ugly or fat in everything I put on. It feels like my fucking vagina is crying. I feel like I want to shave off my hair because that shit isn't doing what it needs to do. So no, Tony, I am not fucking feeling okay."

You heard Natasha laugh and you noticed that she and Bucky had walked into the room while you were bashing on Tony. The moment your eyes landed on Bucky, your whole expression changed. A sudden wave of feeling like you wanted to cry washed over you and all you wanted was to be cuddled by Bucky.

"Bucky?" You asked, your voice filled with tiredness and cuteness. You walked towards him, your food still piled in your arms, you rested your head against his chest for a moment as you felt his arms slowly wrap around your waist. "Let's go cuddle."

"Hey," He whispered so low that nobody could hear expect you. His hand ran up and down your back in a soothing manner. "You alright, doll?"

You nodded, your face still hiding in his chest. Electricity ran up and down your back with his delicate fingers and it caused you a great deal of feels. "I just want you to hold me."

"I can do that."

Bucky guided you towards your bedroom, he moved to where you were by his side with your head resting on his arm and his left arm was free to open your door. You couldn't wait to get comfortable in bed with him so you could feel his fingers trace patterns on your back or arms again.

On your way to your room you heard Tony say, "What the fuck. I don't understand women." 

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