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It had been a month since his phone call to Louis.

Harry sat at the foot of his son's crib calmly tracing his fingers over his son' tiny button nose when the thoughts of Louis automatically filled his head once again.

William had Louis' nose.

The same little nose he fell in love with all those years ago, the one that crinkled every time Harry would kiss the soft tip, or when it was freezing outside and Louis was pregnant with William, how such a color could look so pretty on someone. Harry remembered the memory as if it only happened yesterday.


"Louis William Styles, don't run from me!" Harry pouted, chasing after his pregnant and giggling husband.

Louis turned his head at the last moment and shrieks when strong arms carefully wrap around his waist.

"Hey baby," a teasing voiced whispered hotly in his ear.

"H-hi Hazza," Louis gulped.

Harry carefully set the pregnant man to the ground, his fingers tracing his pretty cheekbones, "are you a little cold baby?" He brought his lips down to kiss the tip of his pink nose.

Louis on cue crinkles his nose and pouts, "just a little bit but not enough we have to go inside. We don't have to go inside right Hazza?"

Chuckling fondly, Harry brought their lips together, sweetly kissing the man he fell so much in love with.

"We don't have to baby."


Harry blinked away the memory and subconsciously wiped the hot tears that rolled down his warm cheeks, "Your mummy would have loved knowing you have his nose." He laughs, bringing the babbling baby to his chest, right next to his heart.

"I know your mummy loves you."

He carefully stood and moved around the small room, singing and moving softly to try and help his son fall asleep.

If Louis had been there, he would have been able to put William to bed without breaking a sweat.

I'm not Louis and I never will be.

Harry felt the bitter thought pass when his eyes scanned over William's now peaceful face. "I'm not your mummy but I'm never going to let you down William, I won't let you or your mummy down. I love you both too much."

He then laid the sleeping baby in his personalized crib, one that Louis had begged endlessly for and of course Harry couldn't tell his baby no.

Those two have him wrapped around their fingers.

Even now, Louis still had Harry wrapped up tightly.

"Why did you have to leave Lou?" Harry asked in the silence of their old bedroom.

No response.

"Damn it Louise William, please come home, I need you baby, fuck I need you so bad!"

Harry a bit of sanity as he cried and screamed for the loss of his husband. It hasn't even been two months since his passing, and Harry doesn't have a clue to how he survived before meeting his soul mate.

He was a lost soul in a black out of darkness before meeting his sweet precious angel. Louis came and saved him when no one else had. When everyone have up and left, Louis stayed and mended his broken pieces.

They had their fights.

They had their struggles.

They broke up and got back together.

But in each of those falling outs, both boys knew they would always come back to one another.

Louis was Harry's glue and rock while Harry was Louis' life and protector.

They both benefitted from the other, and both made sure to show the other love. (Harry had always given Louis' a little more love considering the pixie was his baby.)

Now in the dark of the night, Harry calms once a outspoken cry came from his son. He picked himself off, washed his face, and quickly went to his sobbing son.

"Hey now William, Papa's here. Papa won't ever leave you," Harry kissed his head gently, swaying and singing.

Somewhere in the night, Louis was watching his husband and baby, feeling proud at the scenes playing below him.

"Keep him safe Hazza."

Harry stopped, turned his head, and shakily took a breath before turning his attention back to the now calm Baby, who now was blinking in awe of his papa.

"I'll always keep you safe William."


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