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House didn't describe where Quinn lived, I had forgotten how nice houses in the Hamptons were but this house was beyond beautiful. We waited at the gate for a while, while Quinn tried 6 different pin numbers she had scribbled on a small post note. After another 5 minutes the gates slowly open and we walk inside before watching them shut, we walk up the gravel hill to the huge oak doors.

"This place is amazing" I say, Quinn just shrugs. She opens the door and we walk into the dark hallway.

"It's just a house" she comments, closing and locking the door. Just a house? This wasn't just a house. A door opens and light floods the hallway.

"Quinn is that you? Who are you talking to?" a deep voice says, Quinn looks down the hall before grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs without of word. She pulls me down the hallway before pushing me into a room.

"I'll be back" she whispers, closing the door behind her. I stand in the dark room quickly finding the light. Bare walls, bare bed, nothing but a dresser opened with clothes falling out. I stand at the door listening out.

"Who were you talking to?" A deep voice says.

"No one, when did you get home?" Quinn says.

"This afternoon, I thought I'd catch you after school where were you?" the deep voice asks.

"I went exploring our new, temporary city" I say.

"We'll be here until you graduate Quinn" the deep voice says.

"Great, 5 more months with you" Quinn opens the door and I jump back. She closes the door behind her staring at me. "Sorry you had to hear that, turns out my dad is back earlier than expected" she says.

"Uhm, why don't you want me to meet him?" I say, she stares at me before dropping her bag on the floor jumping on my bed. I drop my bag walking towards the bed.

"I just want to enjoy a few precious moments I have before he tries to ruin yet another friendship" she says, burying her face into the pillow. I laugh sitting at the end of the bed.

"Is he really that bad?" I ask, she rolls over looking at me.

"You don't want me to explain, but I guess you're going to have to meet him sooner or later so" She rolls off of bed, grabbing my wrist. She pulls me into the hallway down the hall downstairs. She knocks on the door waiting patiently, the door opens and a tall man stands in the doorway. With a white button, up with the first two buttons unbuttoned, his hair stopped at his ears and curled. "Father, this is Niall" Quinn says.

"Hello sir"

He stares at me, his eyes roaming my body.

"Father" Quinn snaps, his eyes fall back to mine.

"Sorry, hello Niall you can call me Harry" he says.

"He will call you Mr. Styles like a regular adult" Quinn says, grabbing my wrist pulling me towards the staircase.

"Where do you think, you're going?" Harry asks.

"To my room" Quinn stops at the staircase.

"Not with him" Harry says.

"He's gay, we're not going to fuck" Quinn snaps pulling me upstairs. We walk back into her room and she closes and locks her door.

"How'd you know?" I say, looking back at her.

"What?" she says.

"How'd you know I was gay?" I say.

"Like I said you were the only guy not to immediately stare at my boob, either you were chemically castrated or you're gay I guessed right huh?" she smiles before skipping into her closet.

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