Chapter Thirty

Alice's POV

"Happy Birthday Draco!" I yelled, jumping up and down on the bed.

We decided we weren't going to bother with going to the Malfoy manor, dad forbade it anyways.

Draco just had to tale refuge at our house. We just... Didn't want to be separated.

"It's my birthday?" Draco asked groggily.

"Yep, June fifth. Look what I got you!" I smiled as I pulled out a cage with a black and white ball of fluff inside.

"Oh my Merlin! Thank you Alison!" Draco gasped.

"I still, cannot believe out of all things in the world, you wanted a bunny." I laughed.

"The heart wants what the heart wants. And I want you." Draco smirked, pulling me in to kiss me.

"Do you like your gift?" I asked, pulling away.

"Yep, its exactly what I thought it would be like." he smiled.

"What are you gonna name it?" I questioned.

"Ummm... I don't know.. Male or female?" he asked.

"Male." I replied.

"I think I'll name you.... Salazar." Draco smirked.

"You know, after Salazar Slytherin?" draco asked stupidly.

"Of course, I know the founders if the school." I shot back.

Draco shot me a hurt face.

"I'm sorry, love.. I didn't mean to shoot at you like that." I sighed, then kissed his cheek.

"It's alright." he said quietly.

"Come on Draco, let's go for a walk." I said, pulling him out if our room.

"Where are we going?" Draco asked, suddenly curious.

"You'll see." I smirked at him.

"I hate surpises." he grumbled.

"You love surprises." I laughed quoting him.

"Dad! Draco and I are going out!" I called as we walked through the door.

Draco and I walked for a while before I stopped ourselves in front of a park, a muggle park.

"What are we doing here." Draco asked, heatedly.

"We're going to be little kids for a few hours and play." I smirked, while Draco looked at me like I was insane.

Draco frowned at me.

"Come on, Drakie.. TAG YOU'RE IT!" I yelled as I ran away from him.

"Why do we have to play this stupid muggle game!" he shouted, lagging behind me.

"Because I like beating you at something!" I shouted back at him and smirked.

"Oh no you don't!" he laughed, sprinting towards me.

"Ahhhhhh! Draco!" I laughed as he threw me over his shoulder.

"I caught you!" he laughed, evilly.

"No, der." I grumbled, still over his shoulder.

"Come on, love. Let's go home." I heard Draco say.

"I guess I have no choice... Seeing that I am being carried away." I giggled.

Once we got home, Draco said something I've been dreading for a long time now.

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