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The angels circled high above Germania following a lone figure below. Seeing she was approaching a range where warbots were taking gunnery practice, they turned invisible and glided down to the ground. Kita noted the warbots were a model her forces had never encountered. As she descended, she took pictures and notes.

Heather McRay was cloaked as she approached the figure in a cowboy hat and duster. Surrounded by guards, she easily slipped past them. Stopping a few feet from the man, she addressed him when the warbots ceased firing.

"Are you the one that's known as Cowboy?" She asked, still cloaked.

The man turned around. His cold blue eyes searched for the voice.

"No one calls me that. Those that did are dead." The man answered through a bandana covering his nose and mouth.

"There are some who still do and claim to know you well." She answered carefully moving around so she wouldn't be pinpointed.

"And who would that be, specter. Why don't you come out and face me? I don't like to talk to thin air."

"And what assurance to I have your scouts won't plug me in the back?" McRay demanded.

"They won't unless I tell them to." He replied evenly.

"And what reason do I have to trust you?"

"You wouldn't be here unless you wanted something from me." Cowboy answered. "What do you want?"

"A job." McRay answered.

"Really? Why should I trust you? I always have need of people to clean my boots." He answered with a laugh.

"You want me for what I can give you."


"These for starters..." McRay tossed a set of folders to Cowboy.

He picked them up and looked at the front of each folder. One was labeled 'Ultra Urgent Masters Eyes Only', another labeled 'Secret, Priority', the last labeled 'Top Secret, High priority'. He started with the less priority one.

"And where did you get these?" He asked while he read.

"From your scouts. They're not a bad bunch, but they could use some help. Finding them and killing them was easy. I was lead to understand they were the best you had." McRay answered evenly.

"And what are you? Assassin? Spy? Infiltrator?"

"I am a Commando. Trained by Kita herself. I am the best of the best." She answered proudly.

"Kita? The little black angel? She couldn't fight her way out of a burlap sack." Cowboy laughed.

"Keep reading. You won't think so when you're done." McRay answered ominously.

She waited as he finished the first one.

"So, Pershing finally got what's coming to him. I knew he was passed his prime, losing to a bunch of Arabs and mercenaries. His incompetence has set us back, but nothing that cannot be fixed." Cowboy shrugged.

"Those were not mercenaries; those were Kita's prime forces and the Legion. You out numbered them five to one and they decimated you. Like many who have dealt with her before you underestimate her at your peril or have you forgotten?"

Cowboy scoffed at her as he read the next report. The lines around his eyes creased deeply when he finished.

"Those fools. I should have killed them when the Arconians landed in Leadings. Now New London has fallen to them. I guess I'll have to strip some divisions to squash them for good. They've cost me time and resources. That's the last time I trust any vatborns."

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