"I'll take that, if you don't mind." Thorn offered.

Kita gave it to the intelligence agent. Thorn took a set of capsules from her belt and broke them. Tossing them in with the manuscript, she sealed the bag. Finally she slipped the bag into a cloth pouch on the back of her belt.

"That should keep it safe until we return to the Roost and it can be properly preserved."

"How'd you know how to do that?" Quill asked.

"Curious little girl aren't you, Rozovyi? I am a political officer, and information specialist. Procuring and protecting information in any form is my duty." Thorn answered.

"I think I liked the pirate version of you better, more friendly, outgoing, and fun." Amber chirped.

"I still use the pirate persona. You just do not visit me at the guild. This is not fun for you?" Thorn asked curiously.

"It is, but I mean..."

"I'm boring, uptight, and stoic?" Thorn frowned.

"Uh, yeah..." Amber replied quietly hoping she hadn't insulted the other angel.

"That is because we haven't had any down time since I joined you. When we do, I can be none of those things. You are not the only one who knows how to handle a gun. Find some good vodka and you have a partiya, Arabia."

"Hard to dance to gunfire," Amber replied, thinking that didn't sound like much of a party.

"Depends on your aim. But if you're talking music dancing, I can, as they say, run circles, da?" Thorn smiled and winked.

"Sounds like a challenge, Amber." Kita laughed, kneeling in front of the case.

"It'll be interesting..." Amber replied quietly, not sure if the Russian angel was blowing smoke. She'd seen the pirate after all.

Kita put her finger into the biometric scanner on the case. She guessed she should be able to open it as a descendant of Megan's. It was also possible it was coded to the max number of markers a brother and sister could share. If that was the case she'd have to override the lock and that would take some time. Who knows what security measures were in place to destroy the contents?

As predicted the scan failed, she was astounded the thing took her DNA at all. She wasn't a close enough match, never mind what her and Megan's outward appearance was. Now she had to fake it.

She looked over her shoulder at Amber, "Go get Tina, please."

While waiting Kita told the story of how she met the Great Elder Zidin, the bearer of Great White, to the twins. Thorn also listened intently; wondering how much was fact, fiction, and bravado.

"What do you want?" Tina asked annoyed, trying to stay clear of Nina. Without a word the tall angel took Kita's hand. Nodding to Nina, Kita silently raised her hand to Tina and slowly extended her barb.

Tina recoiled with a nasty snarl. "You dirty stooge. You sold me out. You think I'm going to let you do whatever you think needs to be done? Piss off."

Kita flashed to her sister and withdrew the blood she needed before her sister could finish. While her sister continued to rant, Kita took Nina's hand and the pair worked out how to best spoof the case.

Finished, Kita split from Nina and inserted her finger into the case's biometric scanner. The barrier dissolved and the latches holding the weapons in place opened. Gently Kita lifted each weapon out. When she finished, she took one last look around to catalogue the place and led everyone back to Anthrax and the others.

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