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"What are they?" Quill and Spike asked together, their noses against the force field.

"Those are Pearl, RazorSplitter, Bane, and Crypt. Great swords forged by the master smith Earnan from Arcone. These swords were given by my great grandmother to the twelve great elders of Arcone. They carried them far and wide to show the might of Arcone and gather information and help guide the clans and guilds."

Kita smiled at them with a twinkle in her eye. "But, that's not all. Earnan was more than just a creative smith who liked to work with exotic materials. He was a master inventor. Each of these swords can do something different."

"Like what?" Spike asked.

"Well, Great White lets you control water stored in the blade. Though, Zidin never used it. He was a more hack and slash kind of guy. He used to tell me stories about the great swords and the people who carried them. The Pearl was carried by a man name Azrok. He was a quiet contemplative guy. The sword supposedly lets of pheromones to control the battlefield. RazorSplitter is a sword so sharp it can split a razor long ways. It's said Emifel could cut a dozen men in half with one swing. Bane is the sword with the blade of light. Jamerik wielded this blade with the speed of light itself. Vidic carried Crypt, the soul reaper. Point the blade and rip the soul from a person."

"Cool," Quill said looking at the swords. "How do we get them out?"

"We'll have to figure out how to open the case." Kita frowned knowing that could take hours.

"Maybe this will help?" Thorn asked. She stood over a book on the table, carefully turning the pages. Curious Kita joined her and read the last entry.

"2nd Spring, 12th Day, 60.102 Millenia – Azrok, Emifel, and Jamerik are now gone. The insane laughing creatures attacked in a horde last night. Only by using Crypt's full power was I able to stop them from taking me. There were so many their bones covered the entrance to our camp.

Our mission to discover their origin will be a failure. I still hold my suspicion the Orientals have something to do with them. They knew about the location of the ship's medical section and I'm sure some among them must know how to operate the equipment inside. Though the creatures plague them, their Emperor's attitude suggests they are not mere victims of someone else's evil.

For whoever finds this make sure this manuscript gets back to Lady Rose. She'll want to know. It's the first piece we found since landfall. I hope the others have been as successful as we. Though, I am saddened I will not return to the stars like I'd planned.

I have placed our four swords, Crypt, Razorsplitter, Pearl, and Bane in the protective stasis case. It's been keyed so only my sister, Lady Rose, can open it. I will leave this place and venture further into the tubes to search out the source of these foul creatures. I hope to stem the tide before they infest all of The Mass.

May the Emperor protect me and receive her citizen if I may perish. Braun McKay of clan MacAoidh. Manu Forti."

"What did it say?" Spike asked curious, trying to sound out the ancient script. With a smile Kita read it allowed for the girl.

"So, he's really old, right?" Quill asked when she finished.

"Very," Kita answered looking at the case.

Spike looked at the case too. "Who's Lady Rose? Are we going to carry that case to her? It looks heavy."

"I'm Lady Rose." Kita answered with a pleasant smile.

"How convenient," Quill bounced.

"Very," Kita laughed. Taking a protective bag from her belt, Kita placed the manuscript inside.

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