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Snowy stood on the narrow ledge supporting Tina and the two humans. Her claws were sunk into the rock to anchor her while the other three leaned and held on to her. She felt like a mother possum carrying her young.

While Snowy kept them out of the magma, Tina's bubble protected the humans from the heat and kept the nauseous fumes out. Despite their efforts Lee and Jewels were still sick and Tina clung to them as well as Snowy. Tina shifted back and forth doing her best to heal their lungs, throats, and mouths.

Thorn and Anthrax continued to search for a way out until the Magma rose to the point flying was impossible. Like Snowy, they'd found ledges and anchored themselves to the wall and ceiling as best they could. Now they did their best to keep their wings out of the magma.

"Why aren't they here?" Tina whined. "I can feel them they're not far away. They have to feel me, so why aren't they here?"

Tina had been repeating variations of the same complaint for the last three hours, ever since the other group had come close. Snowy had long given up trying to get her to shut up. She was sure Kita and the others were doing their best. Having to get around the snake and then dig a new hole wasn't going to been done quickly. Still, her claws hurt and she kind of hoped Kita wasn't waiting to make the last second dramatic rescue like in the movies.

"Tina?" Snowy heard Jewels whimper, when the angel didn't respond Snowy yelled at Tina.

"What are they here?" Tina asked.

"Lee's stopped breathing, Tina." Jewels reported.

Carefully Snowy released the hand closest to the boy. She gently touched his neck and frowned deeply.

"I'm sorry, Jewels. He's been dead for some time."

Jewels bowed her head, too sick to physically react any other way.

"No, wait. There must be something more I can do." Tina cried, the reality of the situation setting in on her.

"He's been dead for at least half an hour." Snowy responded. "I thought you were checking on them?"

"I was. I just checked him like five minutes ago. I swear." Tina defended. "You must be wrong. So he's not dead just unconscious. I can revive that."

She let go of Jewels to work on Lee. Unsupported and two weak to support herself she began to slide off of Snowy.

"Tina!" Snowy cried. With lightning fast reflexes Snowy switched anchor hands and caught the girl. "Tina. He's dead. You screwed up. You've whined too much about something you cannot fix, instead of looking after what you can fix. Jewels needs you right now."

Tina recoiled, "it's not my fault he's dead. It's your fault. You led us in here."

Air leaked between Snowy's teeth. Thoughts of flipping the little angel into the magma crossed her mind. Instead she decided not to engage Tina. "Just worry about your partner like a good partner does. Like Kita would. If it where Kita and I or Jane in your place you know Kita would be focused on one thing and one thing only. Making sure the two of us stayed alive."

Tina didn't say anything, but went back to work.

Snowy closed her eyes to pray. It was something Darla used to do. She figured it couldn't hurt. The only formal prayer she could remember was something called the Pater Noster. She recited it in a whisper and did it over and over to keep her mind busy.

No one saw the ceiling open up and Kita slowly sink into the room. She floated over to Snowy and listened for a moment.

"If you wish to be delivered from evil, I'll gladly leave." Kita spoke at last with a mischievous grin.

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