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Before the shuttle had lifted off, Kita had the new angels working on controlling their abilities. She worked with the twins in the forward part of the cargo area, while Nina worked with Bones in the aft. The boys were in the middle. If you didn't know it, nothing looked to be happening. Kita monitored the data traffic and approved of how far and fast Mu and Saint had come in such a short time.

"Very good, girls." Kita praised the twins at every turn. The pair learned quicker than any angel from The Mass. They shot their quills across the hold and grew more accurate with each shot. In a matter of minutes they were hitting every practice target she put up.

Next she taught them how to make different types of quills. Currently she'd only given them normal, explosive, and acidic quills. Later she'd open it up to them to develop new kinds. Targets exploded and dissolved as fast as she could put them in the air.

The quill nanites had been taken from Snowy's lab. She found the plans in the discard pile. According to Snowy's notes she'd made them, but couldn't find a good use for them. Kita had found that strange. Snowy never tossed anything out. Kita added the ability to make different types of quills, but it would have taken her weeks to create what Snowy had done. Kita had found another discarded nanite creation in Snowy's lab. Shield nanites had always been available, but drained energy at a rapid rate. Snowy had found a way around it, but had then discarded the plans. When Kita had found them it made her sick to think Snowy had thrown them out over a bad equation. All Kita had to do was flip a positive to a negative. That was easy problem to fix, but the hard part of energy conversion had been done.

"Ok girls," Kita called them to her. "There's one last thing I'm going to teach you how to engage your shields."

"Like a knight's shield?" Quill asked with excited curiosity.

"Better," Kita challenged. "It's like a ships shield. It surrounds you like a bubble and nothing can get through it. It's there to protect you if you get scared or in trouble."

"Like this?" Spike asked as the purplish hue appeared around her.

"You got it," Kita laughed.

"Try to get through it Quill." Spike giggled.

Quill pointed her arm and fired a set of quills from between her knuckles. The quills bounced off and stuck into the wall, ceiling, and floor.

"My turn!" She yelled. A purplish hue appeared around the little angel.

Spike raised her arm to fire.

"Wait!" Kita yelled. "You have to take down your shield first. Otherwise, you're quills will bounce around inside with you."

The purplish glow around Spike vanished. She raised her arm and fired. Like the quills before, hers bounced off the purplish sphere. Kita darted around and caught two of the quills heading in dangerous directions.

"Very good girls. I..." A raging shriek from the aft part of the hold caught Kita's attention. Nina and Bones hadn't gotten along well from the very beginning. Now the screams of the two teenagers had reached a breaking point. Kita motioned for the two girls to continue playing as she went to see what great catastrophe had overtaken the teenagers.

"It's not my fault you cannot figure it out. I keep telling you how." Nina yelled.

"No you don't. You keep telling me to 'think about it', well I've been thinking about for an hour and it doesn't work." Bones yelled back.

"The nanites work fine, it's your brain that doesn't work." Nina goaded.

"My fists work just fine. I'll beat you into a bloody pulp, Cinderella."

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