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The walls of the tube crawled with elves of all sizes. Bolts of sheet lightning arced and sizzled through the tube as fast as Snowy could produce them. The bolts provided some cover from the relentless attacks that had plagued them since entering the tunnel.

"I can guess why Kita's late," Tina quipped from behind her protective bubble. She was knelt over Thorn repairing a deep set of slashes to the angel's upper thigh.

"It's no time for jokes, Dove. It's no longer Kita who is in trouble. It is us." Thorn replied.

"We'll get out of here." Tina replied with usual unflappable optimism.

The Wall of the tube a hundred feet behind them exploded. As the dust cleared, a dozen hairy beasts with long arms and rows of nasty teeth charged through the hole.

"What are those?" Tina asked fear ringing threw her voice.

"Behemoths." Thorn answered. "I doubt they're the friendly ones that belong to your sister."

"Pestilence," Jewels screamed over the noise. The Banshee angel acknowledged with a deafening shriek drowning out the laughter of the elves. "Do you have anything that will burn?"

Pestilence answered with an affirmative shriek.

"Then spread as much as you can at those beasts."

The banshee angel opened her mouth and gallons of dark oil sprayed out. She raced down the tube coating everything in thin layer of glistening black crude. She went down a hundred yards and came back.

"Everyone, get under Tina's bubble," Jewels yelled.

Knowing it wasn't the time to ask questions, the others complied.

"Where'd all these things come from?" Anthrax asked rolling to a stop inside the bubble after changing from Pestilence.

"I don't know. I've never seen them in these kinds of numbers. It must be something to do with the shaking of the mountain." Snowy replied.

"Shush," Tina ordered as she pointed to Jewels.

Jewels stood twenty yards away. The human angel began to glow brightly. Soon she became too bright to look at. Smashing her fist into her hand an energy pulse exploded from her down the tube.

The pulse rocked Tina's bubble as it went by. The wave incinerated everything in its path. The oil burst into bright flames creating a raging inferno behind them. Ahead of them the path was clear for the time being.

"Come on, we don't have much time," Jewels cried.

Tina lowered her shield and helped Thorn to her feet. Thorn and Tina grabbed the two humans and the group raced down the tube. After a quarter mile they came to a junction into a much larger tube.

"Which way?" Snowy yelled.

"That way," Thorn and Tina pointed in opposite directions.

"What?" Snowy yelled.

"I think she's moving. It's hard to get a solid fix on her." Tina explained.

Snowy ground her teeth.

"Go with Dove. She is far more sensitive than I." Thorn suggested. Nodding, Snowy led everyone in the direction Tina pointed.

An eerie silence permeated the giant tube. The air was still and nothing moved.

"This is creepy. Where are all the elves?" Anthrax whispered.

"I don't know, but keep moving." Snowy hissed.

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