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The wall gave way with crack and a loud rumble. Kita stuck her head out and looked down into the main magma chamber.

"Yeah, it's plugged tighter than Nurse Appleton's ass." She called to the others behind her.

"That's not good. I was hoping it would be partially solidified. We'll have to open it." Nina frowned. "It's going to put us behind schedule."

"You and you're stupid schedule," Amber half whined, half teased.

"It's not my fault, I didn't set the timetable." Nina retorted.

"No rush, Nina. I promise." Kita reassured her exasperated student. "Come on. Let's go down and see how much we're going to have to dig to make this mountain mad." Kita laughed with a grin as she jumped out and glided to the hardened magma floor.

"Sure feels solid," Nina observed when she landed. Hard to imagine we're standing on a planet of magma."

"How deep Amber?" Kita asked inpatient to start digging.

"I don't know it's hard to tell with the rock and how much it's shifting down there. I think twenty feet?"

"I can burn through that pretty quick. How big a blast do you think we need?"

"One big enough to shatter this plug." Nina shrugged.

"Ok, we'll go big then." Kita smiled.

Quickly Kita bored a one foot diameter hole through the rocky plug. Suddenly Kita jerked back.

"It's not as deep as we thought and it's starting to come up. Go while I set the charge." The other two traded a look. "GO!" Kita yelled as she started making a large red ball. Kita made a ten inch ball and dropped it gently in. Racing upward she darted through the hole they'd made.

"Ready?" She smiled, the others nodded wearily. Kita snapped her fingers. For a second nothing happened. Suddenly the mountain shook violently. A deafening roar raced up the main conduit. A secondary explosion from far above caused the caldera to collapse inward. The Angels were rocked as the initial shockwave raced down their little passage. The roar of the caldera collapse and the falling rock shot dust and another shockwave at them covering them with dust and leaving the bruised and battered.

After a coughing fit, Kita stuck her head through the passage's entrance into the conduit. Her heart sank when she saw the conduit was clogged worse than ever. A violent shake caused her to fall into the conduit. Catching herself she looked down. Her eyes widened as an angry red and orange liquid racing up to meet her.

She darted back inside. "Amber, seal it, Seal it. The magma's rising!" She screamed at the other angel.

Amber touched the wall and the hole slowly started to close.

"Faster," Kita yelled as the heat started to build and the passage began to shake.

Kita watched as the orange and red liquid began to pour in through the hole that was still there. When it became obvious it wasn't going to be closed in time, Kita grabbed the other two angels and raced to the exit.

The angry red glow visible in the tunnel as they exited, Kita put them down.

"Nina, can you collapse it?" Kita asked her heart beating from the excitement.

"Sure," Nina was out of breath, more from fear than excitement. She created a large gravity well, inverted it, and the walls ten feet down the passage crashed together.

"I think the mountain is sufficiently woken and pissed off." Amber grumbled.

A loud screech followed by manic laughter caused the three angels to share a nervous look. "I don't think that's the only thing we woke up," Nina cringed.

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