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Katie knelt in the high grass. She and her Commandoes were coming along to support the Black Watch. With only a fraction of her command that's all they could do. To her front left Clyde issued orders to the two hundred men that had parachuted in under the cover of darkness.

Around them high grass covered the sandy plain. In the distance lights lit the target, the heliport. It wasn't much to look at. Portable lights lit the area, while the helicopters and gunships sat on packed earth pads. There were lots of empty pads, but still over fifty machines looked operational. Though, it looked like operations were at a standstill. More crews were busy trying to repair the few wounded birds that escaped the Vampires than getting operational birds ready to fly.

Zooming to get a better look, she saw few guards. Did they really think they were that secure? Well they were going to get a wakeup call in a few minutes.

Finally the flare went up and the Black Watch soldiers rushed forward. While snipers fired to remove the confused guards, Katie and her squads moved forward. They had a simple enough task, they were going to destroy the headquarters building and seize anything useful. The exact kind of mission they were meant for.

The Black Watch started taking out the lights before Katie and her team reached the perimeter. Soon it was dark and the men switched to night vision. Once it went dark the Red Legion didn't stand a chance. Katie watched as the crews were gunned down mercilessly.

The Black Watch moved much faster than she expected. Motioning her group to follow, Katie headed toward the headquarters buildings. Bobbing and weaving between the helicopters, they reached the edge of the main building.

The whine of helicopter engines caused her to look back. The first objective was to steal as many vehicles as possible. The secondary was to destroy the rest. The first vehicles had started to lift off.

Katie moved along the wall to the door. Waving her Commandoes ahead they breached the door. Moving slowly through the building Katie waited for someone to jump out. When it did happen it was more than she'd planned for.

Six black and grey clad figures appeared from the shadows. They had the same ninja look as the Ruby Warriors, but their movements were slightly different. Katie watched as two of the black clad figures cut down two of her Commandoes before they could react. The rest of her unit reacted in a fraction of a second, bringing their weapons up to fire. When they did they enemy had vanished.

Katie switched between lenses searching for them. Whatever they used to camouflage themselves was good. She didn't detect them on thermal or broad range imaging, but she did on the echolocation. Her eyes didn't actually see anything when she switched to this mode, it was all her ears. Instead her brain translated the sound waves into a picture that was routed through the optic nerve.

She saw four of six. Their attackers had retreated looking for another chance to strike. Katie had an answer for this. Reaching into her belt she and grabbed a bag of berry juice that reflected ultraviolet light and a small firecracker. The berry juice was great for marking your way in the maze like streets of Ruby City. The firecrackers annoyed Tina and she'd light one off at every chance she got.

Lighting the firecracker she shoved into the bag and tossed it into the air. "Dirtmover!" She held. The word was a code phrase to tell her side to hit the deck. The explosion sprayed the juice everywhere. Their attackers were now looked like little human shaped star fields.

"Get them," She yelled as she jumped at the nearest one.

If you used echolocation right you could predict the future. As object move the push the sound head of them. Katie knew were here enemy was going to be before she did. Taking full advantage Katie didn't hesitate turning the woman into ribbons.

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