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The trio arrived at the charred building that held Sarin. The destroyed area around the building had become a makeshift shuttleport. Kita muttered to the others destroying the garden had an upside. Snowy and Amber met them at the door.

"They sent the information up to the station for the others to start looking for a cure." Snowy informed them.

"Do they have enough of her blood?"

"She's barely got enough to pump that crap through her veins let alone give some away," Casa grumped from behind Snowy and Amber. "You both have great asses, but you mind if squeeze through so I don't feel like one of those girls who dance behind the screen at the peep show? I've got more dignity than that."

"It's part of a very dignified career," Anthrax protested.

"Maybe from when you come from. Only girls totally down and out did it in my day. I'm sure yours were easier to look at than ours." Casa smirked. "As an update to our lord protector, administrator, and god, your bride is showing signs of life. We're trying to screen her blood, but it refuses to cooperate. Katie's bring down a blood synthesizer to see if we can replace it. Now that we know it's a narcotic and what it comes from, both the flower and the plethora of bags of powder around her, we can start looking for the reason why it's quite literally sucking the life out of her."

"Is it all right if I see her? Just for a second?" Kita whispered.

"Are you sure you want to? She's kind of a raisonette of her former self." Casa warned seriously.

"I do, if only in case I don't see here alive again."

"God I'm not that bad. I have saved a person or two in my day. She's critical, but not uncontrollably so. She'll make it, so don't worry about it." He flipped around and waved with his cane for her to follow.

Kita entered the crowded room. Medical equipment sat everywhere with cords, wires, and tubes running in an attempted orderly fashion to their destinations. Mengele's staff dutifully monitored the equipment watching for any signs of change. Mengele himself sat at a console reviewing test results. Kita decided not to disturb him and careful of her own size made her way to her wizened partner.

Sarin lay on her back with her giant wings held open out of the way. Kita stopped to look at them. Her feathers were dull and dirty, the vanes pulled apart, and a few were broken. Instinctively Kita started to preen her. The care of feathers was something left in the genetic code when Omega had spliced the aves genes with the homo. When the feather she'd been working on fell out Kita stopped and handed the seven foot long feather to a surprised Oriental.

Shaken by the falling out of the feather Kita went to the side of the bed. A sheet had been placed over Sarin to preserve some dignity. Those areas left exposed showed the toll the drug had taken on her.

Leaning against the bed, Kita gently stroked the sunken and lifeless face. She tried to run her fingers through Sarin's dull and dirty hair to give her some sense of collectiveness. She stopped when she hit some incredibly entrenched snarls. Feeling completely hopeless she reached under the sheet and took Sarin's hand. To her surprise she felt the faint feeling of a connection being made.

"Trepidation. Hello? Jane, are you there? Can you hear me?"

"Fear. Kita is that you?"

"Relief. Yes my Love. It's so good to be able to talk to you."

"Misery. Please go away."

"Shock. But Jane you've been gone for months. Whatever is wrong, we can fix it. I'm here to help."

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