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Katie and Nina returned to the clearing to a bizarre scene. Thorn knelt at the old man's head looking down at him. Kita and Amber were at his shoulders bent over doing something, while Anthrax juggled his arms. Snowy lay on a bench in the sun, reading.

"What's going on?" Katie asked.

Snowy looked up with a smile.

"There you are...I went looking for you, but it sounded like you wanted to be left alone. They've discovered what happens when you cross wires in an artificial limb."

"Ouch," Katie winced. Nina agreed.

"I think they're done now, just playing with him. I guess it's time to save the rat from the snakes before they swallow him whole."

Snowy put her reader away. She gave a friendly growl to the other three cats. Together the four of them yawned, stretched, and rolled awake.

Together they walked over to the others.

"Alright girls I think our tin man has had enough."

"We're still looking for his heart," Amber smiled wickedly.

"If four wicked witches cannot find it by now then it probably doesn't exist." Snowy retorted.

"I guess we're back to being flying monkeys," Kita sighed. "Did you girls have fun?"

Nina blushed reflexively. Kita raised an eyebrow at the tall angel.

"We just got lost in the hedge maze while talking. It was good communicative therapy." Nina hoped no one but Kita would know what that meant.

"I could go for some of that right about now," Kita answered with a wink to the two.

Anthrax's head jerked up as she missed the catch on a limb she'd been juggling. Making eye contact with Katie, she gave her a possessive frown. Katie shrugged in return. Making Anthrax's eyes burn fiercely.

"So besides a lesson in bioelectronics did you learn anything that could help or was this just a stress reliever?" Snowy probed trying to steer things away from the two teenagers.

"We learned Nina is very perceptive," Thorn answered. "The Bureau would be very interested in recruiting your abilities."

Anthrax shivered, "you don't want to do that, Sweetie. You don't have a life outside of them. I'm not sure you have one on the inside."

Nina turned her nose up at the angel. "If it meant I didn't have to be around you I'd seriously consider the offer."

"Ouch..." Katie whispered realizing she was deep in the middle of something.

Anthrax blinked several times, before a pair of tears ran down her face. Turning around, she wrapped herself in her wings and cried quietly.

Kita shook her head, knowing Anthrax fully deserved what she got. Still she got up and went to talk with the other angel. Amber motioned if she wanted help, but Kita shook her head.

Snowy was less than pleased, "Nina I know you're mad at her. You have every right to be, but when we're away from home you have to put those kinds of things aside. We cannot be destroying each other purposefully."

"How come I get scolded? She's the one that went and slept with the bloody bastard noble. I have been good about it. I've barely said a word to anybody about it. I allude to it once and I you jump all over me. I don't see you yelling at the fallen angels. They do it to each other all the damn time. Is it because I'm the youngest? It's not fair." Nina stomped her foot and snarled.

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