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Kita smashed in the pair of giant red wooden doors leading into the largest building in the palace compound. Inside, two placid fountains ran the length of the building to the throne platform creating a large aisle. A balcony ran around the room with guards stationed every ten feet. More guards stood in front of giant wooden pillars lining the room.

Leading in the other angels, Kita burst into flame. Roaring loudly Nina shrank enough to fit through the door. The stunned guards began to react, taking aim with their bows, but waiting to fire. Kita ordered her group not to fire unless fired upon.

Kita floated up to be even with the person sitting on the throne. It was hard to tell if the person was male or female. The heavy bright red robes were layered obscuring any human shape. A giant headdress encrusted with rubies with a grotesque face exposed only the eyes. Slowly the person stood up.

"Who are you to keep my angel captive and on the verge of death?" Kita demanded.

"That angel is under my protection. It is suffering from the yellow flower."

"I don't care if she is suffering from death, she belongs to me. If you don't release her to me immediately I will take her," Kita snarled.

"She is protected by the Ruby Immortals, you will never have it."

"You call her an it again and they'll speak of you in the past tenths. You obviously have not seen outside." Kit motioned to the pair of destroyed doors and the smoke that could be seen.

"It belongs to me, without me it will die."

"Either you release her or I raze this place to the ground." Kita pointed her sword at the Ruby Emperor.

"Angel, be gone." The Emperor waved a hand.

Enraged at being dismissed Kita began to glow brighter. She opened her hand and a red ball began to grow. When it was four inches in diameter, Kita flipped it at the Emperor. Snowy phased the others away quickly. Raising her hand, she started to snap her fingers.

"Wait! Kita don't do it."

Kita stopped at the sound of the voice. She turned around to make sure her ears were correct. Dusk and Dawn clattered to the floor as she sank to her knees trying to catch her breath. When Kita looked up, Tina smiled down at her.

"Hi big sister. I see you're still up to your old tricks."

Kita sprang to her feet and wrapped the little angel in a bear hug. Tears leaked down her face as she cried.

"Bloody moons little sister, where have you been?"

"It's a bit of a story. But I'm not the only one you're going to be excited to see." Tina moved a wing.

Kita's heart jumped into her throat. She let Tina goes as her knees buckled. Looking up she stared into her own heartbreak.

"Katie...?" Kita whispered.

The tiniest angel stood before her in a black nit stealth suit with her scimitars strapped to her back. Her big brown eyes danced with delight and her mousy brown wavy hair was pulled back on one side allowing the other side to hang across her face. Her face had the familiar dark purplish glow. The only other angel to have black wings, hers were sleek and beautiful.

"Hey, Kita. I missed you."

She gave Kita as fierce a hug as Kita gave her.

"I'm so, so sorry." Kita whispered into Katie's hair as she wept.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. But you're right, death sucks." Katie laughed through her own tears.

"It does. I think I died twice since you were gone."

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