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Kita held Snowy as the angels glided down to the vacant building the Commandoes had used for surveillance. Below them, Ruby City spread out in all directions. The size made New London look like a village. Lamps lined big avenues and boulevards and created a bright network of veins for the big city. Even this late at night the streets had a sizable amount of traffic. Kita and Snowy had only ever seen a city like this in the simulator.

The angels landed gracefully on the roof. A last minute gust of wind caused one of the Commandoes to over shoot the landing and hit the building across the street. Kita glided to the ground to check on her soldier. Even with a broken arm and a displaced hip, she refused to quit rolling up her parachute.

Meeting the rest of her crew in the alley next to the building, Anthrax checked over the Commando. Setting the bone and putting the hip back in the socket had to be done in silence and the Commando didn't make a sound as she worked. The Commando tried to slip her pack back on, but Anthrax wouldn't let her. Instead, Kita left the sergeant to guard the gear, much to the woman's unhappiness.

"Something's wrong," Sutherland whispered. "Someone should have been on the roof watching the palace grounds."

Kita nodded. Silently moving around to the back, Kita stopped to open the door. Relying on skills she'd mastered as an assassin she checked for traps and opened the door silently. Using a star as a doorstop, she led the others inside.

Following a short hallway to the front of the building, she stopped to inspect two nearly invisible lines running from either side of the door to a point three feet into the room. Inside the room, she could see eight men waiting in the darkness.

Ignoring the men, she patiently traced the pair of tripwires to a trio of grenades hanging a foot from the ceiling. Kita appreciated the ingenuity. Not only where the tripwires laid unconventionally, but after the line had been broken the grenades would drop and go off at eye level. Taking a clip from her belt, she anchored the tripwire further up the wall out of the way. Once the trap was clear, Kita held the others in place and disarmed another set of tripwires set on the front door.

From the center of the room, Kita directed the other angels into the room. Like silent ghosts, the angels took station near the men. Kita drew Dusk and Dawn and stood between two watching the back door. Snowy crept between another pair hiding in a corner. Amber screwed in the silencers for Sarin's pistols and took aim at a pair watching the front door. Sutherland and Anthrax moved behind the last set.

Using a silent count, seven of the attackers fell to the floor at once. Anthrax held the last one with a hand over his mouth and her barb pushing against the man's neck. When he started to struggle, she injected him with a paralyzer. The man went limb and she let him fall to the floor with a dull thud. Kita knelt next to him and placed her hand over his mouth and Dusk against his throat. The rest stood around him and every one became visible.

"Hello my friend. Nice little ambush you have here for an armature. Now, you're going to tell me exactly what I want to know and make me a happy girl or you cannot and you can make me a very, very happy girl. So let's start with something easy. Who are you and who do you work for?"

Kita lifted her hand away just enough to let him speak. When he started to yell, she clamped her hand back down.

"Not a great way to start my friend. I trusted you to tell me something quietly. Since you broke my trust, you have to pay a penalty. Since I know you're paralyzed for another three minutes it does me no good to start with something you cannot feel, we'll have to go to something you can."

Kita motioned for those not interested in watching to leave. With a silent flash in the dark Dusk slashed halfway through the man's ear. Holding the man while he thrashed Kita smiled down at him.

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