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"Hello, Daddy," Kita called in the tone every dad loves to hear. Though from his reaction the fatherly looking Shadow Master would rather not have.

Kita and the angels, along with her commanders, stood under three towering t-rexes. On either side were a platoon of Behemoths, wolves, and boars armed to teeth with heavy guns and melee weapons. The Black Watch and the Commandoes stood around in formation and around the perimeter. Delta Seven's tanks pulled in next to several others already parked with their barrels raised.

Kita made a note to praise Woo for the streets. The tanks had rumbled over them and hadn't upset a stone. She could only see the scrap marks from the grouzers. The stone and four feet of roadbed had been worth the high cost.

The Arconian delegation approached them flanked by four t-rexes, eight behemoths, and a platoon of boars and wolves. Genghis and Delta Seven led them to her. Above them six gunships from the Vampires slowly circled.

With her Dad came the Grand Chieftain, the Chief from clan Frazer, the Chief from clan Donald, her uncle Xeen, and her three generals on loan to the Army of the Rose, Schwarzkopf, Patton, and Field Marshal Rommel.

Genghis stopped in front of her and dropped his massive axe as a salute.

"The delegation safe and sound, Commandant."

Kita nodded, "Thank you, general. You're free to join the ranks. I think they're safe."

"Of course, Commandant. We made sure nothing came close to them." Genghis snorted and laughed.

Genghis and Delta-Seven fell in next to Clyde and McRay. Kita's entire crew was with her. Paladin stood between two of the t-rexes. The other angels flanked Kita looking falsely jovial.

"Gentlemen, welcome to New London. I hope you don't mind the heavy escort. I would hate for something to happen to you coming through my territory. I wouldn't want another incident on my hands." The corner of Kita's mouth ticked up seeing her warning shot had been heard loud and clear. "So what can I do for you Grand Chieftain or is this just a courtesy call? Because if it is, I brought out the fine china for nothing."

"You know why we're here Black Rose." The Grand Chieftain answered patiently.

"Well my offer to repair Leedings and pay the survivors expired a while ago, but we can work out something similar. I assume you've repaired the damage?" Kita looked at Chief Frazer, his clan territory contained Leedings. The chieftain gave her a dirty look.

"Then the problem solves itself. Nina hasn't been back in the city since and you've repaired the damage on your own. Since the matter is settled, can I show you around the city? We're making a number of improvements." Kita said excitedly.

"It's not your city. It belongs to clan Donald," Chief Donald stepped forward and challenged Kita. He and Kita had a long history. They were always opposites on politics and neither especially liked each other.

Kita looked around, "well, those are my banners flapping in the wind and these are my troops lining the square with my gunships above us. And unless you've got some new tricks up your kilt these angels are my friends. It's been my personal fortune being invested to make improvements. Most importantly it's our blood that was spilt taking it, not Arconian. I say the city belongs to us. Sorry Chief, unless you've got the men to throw me out, you're out of luck."

The chieftain turned red. "Of course, we do. You know the size of the Army of the Rose and we have the will to do it."

Kita looked at her uncle and generals, "Really? Do you want to go a round or two, Uncle? I know the Army of the Rose it about eight times mine, but do you really want to find out if my people can do better than an eight to one kill ratio?"

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