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The shuttle ramp came down and Kita marshaled her wide-eyed cargo out. She'd taken six girls, including the three she killed, and two boys.

"Come along children, welcome to your new home." She announced coaxing them down the ramp.

At the bottom of the ramp Nina and her mother Clara waited for her and the children. Behind them, a group of nurses and caretakers looked excited to receive the young ones. There had been very few children on the station and most only stayed briefly in the medical ward. Frostbane's wife and child also lived on the station, but she wanted little to do with the angels.

"Hello Clara, how are you?" Kita smiled.

Ignoring the smell Clara bowed slightly, "very well, Kita. Everything is ready. We have nurses, caretakers, and educators."

"Good. They're a little quiet when we started, but after I started showing them the shuttle they had all kinds of questions."

Clara laughed, "Then I'm sure we will have many more questions." She turned her attention to the children. "Come along little ones. Let's take you to your rooms and get you settled in. Nina can you come help?"

Nina's eyebrows came together, "Mother, what do you need me for? Kita's back and I have things to do."

Clara glared at her large teenager, "Kita may be your mentor, but I am still your mother."

Nina looked at Kita. "Kita," she whined.

Kita sighed. Normally she didn't like getting between the two, but she needed to talk to Nina. "Sorry, Clara. I need to talk to her over what happened earlier today. I'll send her to you when she's done."

"It cannot wait?" Clara said angrily.

Kita shook her head, "no. It's rather important. If it makes you feel better she won't enjoy the conversation."

Clara's eyes narrowed, "and what is it about?"

Kita's eyes narrowed, "that's between her and I. If she wishes to tell you later that's her purgative."

"Fine, take her. I see as her mother what I want for her means little."

Kita winced on the inside but kept her face stone. "You knew from the moment she became an angel that would take priority."

"I didn't get a say in it or I wouldn't have let her." Clara snapped.

"It wasn't your decision to make. It was between me and her," Kita informed her.

"It is too my decision I am her mother, not you. All you've done is bring her home injured and expose her to things she should never have to see."

"She's is an adult allowed to make the decisions she wants. I don't force anyone to do something they're not comfortable with. In the few rare occurrences where a parent like figure is needed I step in as her teacher," Kita explained trying to keep calm.

"Your ideas of parenting are letting her frolic and do whatever she wants?"

Kita looked slightly perplexed. "Nina's allowed to spend her time doing what she wants and sleep with whoever she wants, as long as her lessons are completed on time. She's never been late and has excelled at everything I've given her. What she's accomplished on her own time is nothing short of spectacular." Kita answered.

"You're having sex?" Clara yelled at Nina.

Kita rolled her eyes at what Clara took away from her praise of Nina. Reaching a wing out, she touched the blue angel. After a quick back and forth Kita gave her an apologetic look, Nina returned a shrug to say it didn't matter now.

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