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"That one right there," Kita pointed to a new group of nobles being brought in, "bring him to me." She ordered.

A pair of Commandoes escorted the seventeen year old in front of Kita. Looking him over Kita frowned. Between the three of them he looked tiny. He wore dirty laborers clothes and his face was streaked with sweat and dirt. He studied her, careful not look her in the eye and be disrespectful, but at the same time he did not shy away from her.

"Do you know who I am?" Kita asked quietly.

"You're Commandant Kita, military governor of New London." He answered formally without any sign of fear or false confidence in his voice. Kita was amused she didn't sense and more fear out him than if he were standing in front of a fishmonger. At the same time he lacked the false bravado or confidence others had when they stood in front of her.

"Do you know why you're standing in front of me?"

"Every noble in the city is before you. I can only assume it must be for something my mother has done."

Kita nodded at his astuteness. "That is correct. Several hours ago I sentenced you to die for your mother's part in a plot to try to force me to bend to her and others like hers will."

Kita took out Thorn's feather and showed it to him.

"They took an angel," he said evenly.

Kita could tell there was far more going on behind his eyes than he was letting on.

"Yes they did. You understand I cannot allow this to happen. You will be the first to formally pay for that crime."

"Yes, ma'am. I will submit myself to your punishment."

Kita nodded extremely impressed with how the young man handled himself. She wondered how Physer could have such an upstanding son and be such a snake herself. She mentally shrugged, sometimes the apple gets lucky and the tree is on a steep hill.

"Good. Originally you were to have a slow painful death, but because you are behaving as a true warrior should, I'll commute that part of the sentence and give you clean death. Now take the time you need to say goodbye." Kita motioned for him to leave.

The crowd was silent as he went to his mother. Kita looked on with great pleasure as Lady Physer bawled her eyes out. From his father's reaction she could tell where they boy got his character from. When he finished he promptly came back and stood before Kita. She stepped forward and enclosed her wings around both of them.

"Do you fear death?" She asked.

"I fear the pain of death. I must thank you for commuting that part of my sentence. May I ask why you ask that now?" He replied.

"I truly hate to waste good people."

He looked at her perplexed. Kita reached out and grabbed his shoulders, then bent in and kissed him on both cheeks. She looked into his eyes for several long seconds before opening her wings and stepping back. The boy stood there waiting as Kita drew Dusk. Without warning she took her stroke and the boys head fell away from his body. Lady Physer's wails of grief drowned out everything.

With a blast of flame Kita cleaned Dawn and put the sword away. She walked to McRay and gave her some brief instructions. She motioned for Amber, Snowy, Zidin, Megan, and Paladin to follow her into the keep.

Finding an empty room, Kita led everyone inside.

"God, I hope you feel awful girl." Megan snarled after the door was closed.

Paladin followed her up, "I share her sentiment. That was completely unnecessary and unjustified."

"And what horrible things did you do to get your own daughter back?" Kita challenged.

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