"That's just a small fraction of the pain I've carried with me since you and I tangled all those years ago. It's also laced with the pain, anguish, and suffering my sister Tina experienced while she was held by the Red Legion. What you did doesn't hold a bloody red giant star to what they did to her. I'm giving you that part because I hold you responsible for what happened to her. Luckily for you she's the 'forgive and forget' kind, unlucky for you I'm her sister and I don't." Kita turned to leave. Finding the TV in her way she pushed it aside with her foot. When she heard a sound through the door, she phased to the other side instead of opening it.

She phased in to find a group of nurses and doctors crowded around the opposite side of the door. "You don't have better things to do?" Kita snarled, causing everyone to jump. Grumbling threats, she left the ward for the hanger.

Kita, Anthrax, and Nina jumped from the shuttle high above the city. With no personal shuttles in the hanger, Kita had to wait for the scheduled shuttle furthering her already foul mood. Anthrax and Nina didn't stay with her long.

The two angels split off for their respected destinations. Anthrax ran the hospital and clinics in the city. She'd made it her personal mission to teach the "murderous" healers proper medicine. Those that had passed her initial tests were sent to the station for further training. Her washout rate ran above eighty percent much to the unhappiness of a lot of former healers.

Nina helped Megan modernize the education system. Nina knew the system, or lack of one, from growing up in Leedings. The blue angel was immediately popular with students once they discovered she was only sixteen. Megan had scolded her several times for fraternizing with her students, but for Nina it was the first time she'd ever been popular with kids her own age. Megan pointed out the boys were only interested because she was drop dead gorgeous and had a large chest and cut her bodysuit low and off the shoulder. Nina pointed out the girls liked her too and the boys could stare all they liked, because she wasn't interested in them. Megan countered she'd yet to make that public. In response, Nina went and cried to Kita, netting Megan an earful. Megan hadn't spoken much to either after that. Kita did little correct the situation as long as both continued to help.

Kita circled the city taking in the progress of her vision. Over a third of the city was under construction. Large areas had been uninhabited when she captured it, so demolished went quickly.

From this high in the sky she could see the deep trench of the main trunk of the new sewer system. From the trunk, primary lines would run under the streets and secondary lines branched into the developments. The trunk emptied into a primitive treatment facility. It was only a series of large septic tanks to sort liquid from solid, but with the right enzymes, the water purity enabled them to send it back to the sea. The solid waste went to help fertilize the fields slowly being reclaimed after the military fortifications had been removed.

A few areas with their sewers finished were having their roadbeds installed. The street system worked much like the sewers. Wide footpaths joined into streets that joined into large avenues. Every avenue had a median and was wide enough for four carts to fit in either direction if needed plus large sidewalks on either side. The streets were four carts across with sidewalks and the footpaths that wound their way into the developments were three carts across. All were crowned to allow for water and waste to run off into the sewers. The Avenue roadbeds were almost four feet thick and topped with flat stones. The streets and footpaths were three and two feet respectively and topped with a primitive asphalt mixture.

Kita had spent long hours arguing with the handful of city engineers on the construction of the city. It hadn't helped they were displaced nobles. They didn't understand the point of building to last. In the end, she fired them and dug through the stations archives for a team of city planners and engineers. The team had so far reviled in the challenge of constructing a city using Napoleonic area materials and techniques supplemented by the advanced technology Kita could supply.

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