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Kita woke up in start and clutched the big bear she slept with to her. The lights came on as she sat up from the couch she'd taken to sleeping on. Looking around the small viewing area, she found Sarge and Norway sleeping next to the couch, besides them she was alone.

Alone, all alone. It had been over three months since her partner, Sarin, had vanished during the attack on the ranch. Kita could feel she was alive, but that was it. Every day she was gone the more Kita worried the feeling would change from alive to dead.

Pulling the bear to her, she clutched it tightly. The bear belonged to Sarin and Kita dragged it with her everywhere. Originally she'd just slept with it because it carried Sarin's wonderful scent, but the longer Sarin was gone the more attached to it she became. Burying her head into the bear, she started to sob.

Her sobs didn't leave the room, but someone was always watching her. Inside of three minutes, the door opened and three other angels rushed in. Nina and Megan sat on either side of Kita wrapping their arms around her. Anthrax knelt down in front of her and gentle worked at removing the bear.

"Kita, please, it's me Nell," Anthrax whispered over Kita's sobs. "Come on Sweetie, I know you miss her, but we're here now. Please calm down. We'll find her, I promise. People haven't stopped looking." Kita fell forward into Anthrax's arms. Twenty-five minutes later Kita was escorted to her room and the shower.

Kita rushed out of her room as fast as possible. She didn't bother with her hair, makeup, or nails. She threw a new body suit on and grabbed her weapons. Strapping them on as she exited the room, she headed for the cantina.

In the cantina she sat grabbed as much food as she could carry. Ignoring everyone else, she took a vacant table and started to eat as fast as she could. Half way through she stopped and put down her spoon. With a sweep of her arm she threw it all on the floor and got up. Without a word she stormed out.

"Is it like this every time she comes up here?" Paladin asked Megan. They'd been sitting a few tables a way and watched Kita's silent tirade.

"More or less. That was new, though." Megan sighed sadly, "poor girl, her people better find Sarin soon."

Kita entered the medical ward with a scowl that caused several pieces of paper to burst into flames. Even head nurse Appleton approached her with extreme caution.

"Can I help you, Kita?" she asked.

"No," Kita answered forcefully. She continued through the ward and yanked open a suite door. With a loud bang, the door slid shut causing nearby items on a tray to rattle. Cunningham lay in bed watching TV. Kita snarled and the TV went out.

"Good morning, my Liege," Kita smiled wickedly. She'd continued to call the former king 'my Liege' to mock the dethroned usurper. "How was breakfast? Oh, right, I forgot you're still drinking through a straw. I'll go out on a limb and guess your voice box still isn't working right."

Kita looked up at the dark TV and snarled. Without any warning she phased in front of it and ripped it out of the wall and threw it against the door.

"You shouldn't watch TV it'll rot your brain." Kita's grin sent a shiver down the man's spine. "For a permanent guest of mine you've had it very easy. So I thought I'd give you something to better occupy your time."

A black cloud tendril emerged from Kita's hand. Slowly the tendril worked its way to Cunningham's forehead. Even with his injuries, Cunningham began to thrash setting off alarms on his monitoring equipment. After thirty seconds, Kita withdrew and enjoyed watching as he continued to thrash.

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