The Implications of a Mirror

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           It was six in the morning and the sun had barely risen. Some place not too far away the day had just begun. A girl not much older fifteen forced her way out of her freshly washed white sheets. She sighed knowing another dreadful day was yet to come. As she walked towards the bathroom, she spotted an abrupt movement in the mirror on the left side of her bedroom wall. Captivated by her sudden glimpse into the pier glass she took a step back. Indeed, she did just what any other young girl some how subconsciously partook in; creating insecurities. 

           Her big brown eyes expanded as she scanned the shiny crystal like object profusely. In it she saw clearly her reflection, but more so her flaws. She saw her beautiful chestnut skin, kinky-curly afro and cute little nose but thought nothing of it all. What she truly saw were the scars on her face, stretch marks from her bodies rapid growth spurt and worst of all her belly fat. However, it was not as if she was not given absolute compliments but it was that she never accepted those compliments. It was exclusively her choice, but with the interference of media her perception of beauty altered and so she spoke and thought of beauty differently. So truly who was there to blame? She began to think of her pairs as more beautiful and wanted, whereas herself inferior and unwanted, so much so that she dreaded walking the hallways of school. This struck with a vengeance and gave her social anxiety, slight depression and thoughts of no guy ever yearning her presence. All this due to her perception of beauty. Could it ever change? For as much as she tried to do away with society's standards she still somehow conformed to it. She thought black wasn't beautiful.   "I could not be beautiful, so I must not be beautiful. My imperfections outweigh the good I have, so no one will ever see what is deep down within me". Bombarded by her thoughts she dropped herself into an upright fetal position and allowed tears to stream down her already warm cheeks. Par contra, it was something she was immune to; she needed help, but where was it to be found? She laid there for what felt like an hour before she finally gave in to the fact that she had to go to school.

         At school it was nothing but the usual. A few smiles here and there was all it took to fool others, but deep down she was hurting and wanted to be loved. All she ever wanted was to be like everybody else, but the funny thing was that she was. She was as beautiful as a pearl. Her light radiated through anything it came in contact with. Unfortunately, she will never know. What she does need to realize is she will stay forever herself and that every little imperfection creates an even greater perfection.        

          According to this short piece of literature, body image is seen as the route cause of a young lady's insecurities. While doing so it precisely states the unhealthy effects it has on her mind and actions. This sort of thing however is not unusual. In fact, it is very common for someone to think awful things of themselves when looking in a mirror. 92% of women ages 18-44 admit to having at least one "I hate my body" moment every single day", says an article. This needs to stop. People need to realize that each person on earth is created differently for a reason. Just think, what would it be like if everyone looked the same? Well the Earth would be insanely tedious! Further more our imperfections or what makes us each unique and special. It creates something indescribable for this wonderful planet, Earth.

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