Bad News

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"...I know you want it, but you're a good girl.

The way you grab me,

must wanna get nasty.

Go ahead, get at me"

I sang my favorite song of the day to the top of my lungs while I danced around my room. I was supposed to be packing my clothes, but I was too freaking excited!!! Why, you may ask? Because I was headed off to college. Well, technically college didn't start for two more months but my best friend, Lakyn, and I were moving into our new apartment tomorrow and I was giddy! Yay independence!

" the hottest b*tch in this place.

I feel so lucky.

You wanna hug me.

What rhymes with hug me?

Hey, hey, h-"

"Zara Nicole, turn that dreadful music off! The ceiling sounds like it is going to collapse at any minute with all of your jumping!" And leave it to my mom to kill my vibe.

I grudgingly obeyed and lowered the volume on my music. "You're no fun, Mom." I called back downstairs.

"Yeah, yeah." She laughed just as the phone began to ring. I assumed she would answer it so I pulled out my suitcases and began to pack. Everything. Sweet Jesus, this was going to take a while... no wonder I was putting this off. Still humming, I started throwing clothes into my suitcases. I wasn't big on folding 'cause it was just too much work. But I'm not lazy or anything. Pshhh. Note my sarcasm.

I had over half of my closet packed when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I kept packing; I was on a roll! I am an awesome packer...if this was an Olympic sport, I'd take gold hands down. I laughed inwardly at that thought. And the gold medal for best packing skills goes to....

"Zara." My mom interrupted the announcer voice in my head.

"Yeah Mom?" I asked still packing. Who gon' stop me, huh? Who gon' stop me. Ugh I really need to quit singing...I even do it in my mind.

"Honey..." My mom sounded worried, which worried me, so I turned around.

"What's wrong?" I asked tentatively. I noticed she still had the phone.

"Zara, Lakyn is on the phone. She has some bad news..."

"What?!" I jumped up, grabbed the phone, and put it to my ear. "Lakyn? What's wrong?"

"Zara...I'm so sorry." She whimpered on the other line. Well that didn't sound necessarily good...

"It's okay. Tell me what's goin on."

"I got accepted into Juliard." She mumbled after a few seconds.

"What?! That's great!" Lakyn was a musical prodigy. It was not really a surprise that that college wanted her. Wait... college. So she was going to Juliard, not with me to The University of Pennsylvania. "Oh." I whispered, finally understanding.

"Yeah...Zara, I'm gonna miss you so much!" I heard tears in her voice, which made me cry, too.

"Same here, girl."

"But I googled's only two hours away." I smiled at that...she googled it.

"I'm gonna Skype you every day!" I promised.

"You better!" She tried to sound stern, but failed, and I chuckled. "And if you find a new best friend, I'm gonna come down there and kill her, whoever she is." Lakyn continued,

"What if she is a six foot-two body builder?" I joked.

"Then you were never my friend."

"Um...Ouch." We both laughed a little.

"Zara." She got serious again.


"I'm leaving in six hours."

"What? No! Why?!"

"Early initiation." She mumbled again.

"*t." I sighed. "Shouldn't you be asleep?" I asked after a while.

"Yeah...but I'd rather talk to you." She sighed. "Actually I'd rather not leave you."

"Me too, but you know can't pass up Julliard."

"Yeah.. but what about you? We were supposed to live together."

"Oh.." I hadn't even thought of that. "I have no freaking clue. But I'll be fine. Go destroy all those other Julliard whores for me, babe."

"Okay. Goodnight, Zara, I love you."

That opened the floodgates to my tears. "Love you too." I choked out before I ended the call, sank to the floor and cried.


"Zara, get up. Zara. Zara!!" My eyes flew open to find myself on the floor, looking up at my mom. I must have fallen asleep down here last night. No sh*t dummy. Well my subconscious was especially crabby this morning. Oh yeah...Lakyn left today.

"Come on, honey, you're going to be late!" My mom pulled me to my feet.

"What?? Where are we going?" I was extremely confused.

"You're moving in to you're new apartment today...duh." Okay, duh sounds stupid coming from my mom's mouth...never saying that again. Wait...


"Oh, didn't I tell you...I called your brother, Nick, and he said you could stay with him at his apartment. He is going to be a Junior at the UPenn too, you know."

I just stared at her in shock, for a few seconds. "Doesn't he live with another guy?"


"And you're okay with me living with them?"

"Yes, I trust you, sweetie."

---And that's how I ended up in front of the door of a large apartment, ready to meet my new, hormonal, guy roommate. Yippee...



I know you guys are probably wondering... "Where is the funny?"

Don't worry...I got you.

This chapter just sets the story. Read on for the hilariousness.

P.S. Sorry this chapter is crap... It was deleted the first time I wrote it and I wasn't as enthusiastic writing it the second time. :p

P.S.S. The song for this chapter is "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. Adios muchachios.

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