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My sister, Anchor_Red ,has been working really hard on her chapter story, "Bound."  She posted another chapter a couple days ago.  Y'all, if you like a super sweet Larry story and some really intense, emotional scenes, you'll love her book.  Larry is super cute and loving and then one day, a terrible car accident changes their lives forever.  

She makes me read each chapter she writes and let me tell you, it makes me cry.   It's that great of writing.  She has a trailer up on her page if you'd like a teaser.  :)

I, myself, have a very important announcement to make hopefully in the next couple weeks.  I'm excited about it,  just not ready to say anything yet.  :)

Thank you to all who read my Sick Fics!  They're so much fun to write, and even more fun to read your feedback.  I can't tell you how exciting and rewarding it is to see the votes and comments after I've posted a story. 

 All the love!!!!  H.    Haha, j/k.....Itsgonnabemay5

Now go check out Anchor_Red.  

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