Part 26 🙃

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You were in your room fixing and tidying up your bookshelf, the bed, and the floor. After all that you wanted to be lazy and Mr. Splinter did say not to come over for awhile. So you went on your computer to play some varied video games. That took about 5 hours of relaxation. Then you went onto '' for some good wholesome anime. You prepared some Popcorn in advanced. You had double monitors and you set it as Mirrored so That way you could lay in bed and watch the Big screen Monitors instead of the 23" one. The big one was about 45". You got under your covers, Watched Your favorite Anime and ate popcorn with some Dr. Pepper. You were watching "School Rumble". You were only on episode 5 though. You got up an hour later to go to the bathroom, You got out of bed, walked out of your room and went potty. When you were done going potty you looked at yourself in the mirror to make sure your makeup wasnt out of place. You had some squiggly eyeliner so you took a q-tip and fixed it, Your face was very close to the mirror when you saw your eyes change to a more golden redden color. Your pupils dilated from the shock of it. You backed away, rubbed your eyes to make sure you were actually imagining it and looked back close up against the mirror and saw your eyes were back to your normal shade. You turned and walked into the kitchen for another pepper. You turned around to see Mikey sitting on your couch. "Oh hey Mike. Whats up?" "Oh not much i just wanted to see you again." "Oh ok. :)" you smiled. "Hey wanna do something fun." He said with a smile. For some reason the smile was kinda creepy but you said "Yea" anyways. "Awesome come with me." He walked over to the window and jumped out. He was outside waiting for you. You looked down at him. "Jump into my arms." he told you. You closed your eyes and jumped. YOur fear of heights kicked in and you clinged to his neck. You then realized you were clung to him and blushed harshly. MIkey's pov. She was so cute how she clinged to me and then blushed like a rose. God. Damn. I then explained to her to hop onto my neck where my intergular (The part of his shell where its at his neck). It kinda acted like a saddle between the actually neck and the shell. "Hang on." I then did what i was good at, Being fast. I ran across the rooftops with her. I could here her laughing a bit on and off. I felt her hair brush against my shoulder (Depending if your hair is long) I could tell she was happy when i turned my head to see her eyes were closed and her hair waving in the wind. I couldn't help myself but to look to see her boobs were bouncing. (Imagine Mikey's face LIke that if he was in anime) No ones pov "H-hey I was wondering if we can stop by my place for a second. I need to grab something. Sorry but i forgot it." "Oh yea thats fine." NO, NO IT WASNT! Leo and Raphael are there. And their mad at you. You were terrified if they saw you. "Kewl lets go." Your heart was Racing from anxiousness and nervousness. You were so scared. You head was pulsing, your palms sweaty, Your breath felt heavy. You and him were a corner away from the shell heads home. You were very aware of your surroundings. You didn't realize it but Raphael could smell you in the other room. His heart raced knowing you were here. He left into the other part of the house so you didn't have to see him. You walked into Mikey's room. The smell of Man and Pizza reeked. And the sewer stank didn't exactly help. "Oh gosh I'm sorry Y/N its not really in here I'm gonna go look for it. Brb." (He actually said BRB.) You could hear the music from Donnie's area. He loves listening to loud music while he works. Thats kinda why he always has a pair of headphones around his neck. The song "Kyoto from skrillex" was on. You started dancing in his room. No one was around so you did whatever you felt like. But you slipped on an open pizza box with one pizza left and as you fell you grabbed onto a table that fell and soda cups spilled all over you. You sat in a position where your arm were like Frankenstein and your eyes looked at your wet self. You lifted our shirt collar to your nose and the smell was nasty. You wanted to scream for Mikey but..Leo and raph. You wanted to stay away from them. You peeked out the door and you saw Mikey looking around. "Mikey.." you whispered loudly. "Mikey!" you whispered again. He looked your way. He saw something drip off of you. He rushed over. "Hey what happened dude?!" He loudly asked. "sshhh, i dont want Leo and Raph knowing i'm here. It would be awkward. "ok but what happened" he talked normally as he walked into his room. "I slipped on pizza and then drinks fell all over me." "Ok, well i have an idea, come with me." He hid you on his side as you guys made your way to the bathroom. "Hey mikey! WHAT DID YOU DO!?" You heard Raphael scream as he marched over to Michelangelo. O.O your nerves jumped as you did a little bit too. Mikey took you and lifted you and hid you behind his shell. "Wh-what did I do?" "You broke my Only copy of Disturbed!" "First of all...I didn't do that." Mikey gave a look of his chin down eyes up and his finger pointing at it. "Oh please. You break everything of mine!." Mikey blubbered his lips. "I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF MY ROOM! ITS NOT YOURS. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! WHAT ARE YOU STUPID!?" "Ya know, the volume of your voice does not increase the validity of your argument." Raphael growled at Mikey and turned around. "Just stay out." he calmly answered. You looked up at Mikey, he took that well. You were certainly impressed how mature Mikey was about it. your eyes glimmered up at him. In his mind he felt like a superhero that impressed you deeply. He kept on walking you to the bathroom. He handed you a towel and instructed how these certain shower knobs work. You started turning the knobs, got up and got undressed. You turned to your side to admire your body. You were proud that you went to that camp. You then saw your shoulder was looking funny. It couldn't tell what it looked like.. It wasn't normal. Maybe it was just a rash you thought. You heard someone coming so you jumped into the extremely hot shower. You felt the water burn you as you turned the cold water on. "Hey sorry but i need to use the bathroom real quick." OMG its Leo What do you i DO? You thought. "mmhmm." you softly answered. "Hey is Y/N around here? I smell her somewhere nearby." I dont know you Mumbled in a deep tone. "Hey donnie, can i confess something. I know it's probably weird cause i don't usually talk about this sorta thing but I remember back when i first saw her. She was so beautiful. I honestly liked it when she was a bit pudgy. She was so adorable. And when i saw her lose all that, it was..weird. The feeling of Love for her Grew even more. I dont know, I just wish she loved me the way I love her. I just, wish she gave me more of a chance ya know." Your eyes were about to water from hearing a man actually talking about you like that. "Yea.." you answered with a deep voice again. I guess you did sound like donnie slightly. But the sound of rushing water made it help disguise your voice. Leo sighed and flushed the toilet and left. You sighed and then you made a face of burning pain as the hot water shot all over you but your face was just to funny. You covered your mouth as you screamed like it was into a pillow. washed your body down and used the only thing in the shower to cleanse your hair which was body soap. It made your hair feel like it had a plastic coating but it worked..i guess. You leaned your body against the wall of the shower. You were thinking about how you were extremely grateful for the shower curtain. You slid down to the floor as the soapy water flows down your hair, breasts and down your legs. You breathed with relief he didn't realize it was you. Or..did he just act like it?? Oh geez. You moaned as you scratched your head with both of your hands as you fell your head into your knees. "I really want some BoardWalk fries..Ugh so many freakin' cravings." You turned the water off and slowly got out. You wrapped a towel around your chest. You cracked the door open to see if anyone was there. You didn't see anyone..but that doesnt mean that they don't see you. You were worried being in a ninja's home and they always see something coming. You walked into Mikey's room and closed the door with your back towards his room. You turned around to see Leo was in there. You peeped a yelp to see him. "H-hey y/n. Whatcha doing?" "W-well Mikey asked me to come with him down here to find something but i got into a mess and took a shower sooo here i am. what about you?" "Mikey borrowed something of mine and i'm just taking it back." it was an awkward silence then mikey came in. "Hey bro, hey sorry i didn't mean to keep it for so long." "nah its ok." "Wellll i'mma go." "ok thanks again." Mikey sat on his bed as you stood there cold and wet in a towel. You didn't know what to do. "Hey um.." "OH geez sorry here dudette take this." He gets up and goes through his closet. He took out a oversized shirt with jogging pants. He turned around so he didn't see you change. You put your wet hair well its more like Damp now into a messy bun. "Ok you can turn around." He turned around to see you all dressed. "Hey i was wondering if we can go to my place. I'm not all that comfortable here." "oh thats ok." "I mean you can still stick around but i dont wanna hang here." "mk." Back at your place. You and Mikey were watching "The day the earth stood still" on the couch. About half way through it you were asleep. Mikey honestly didnt realize it until your head fell on his shoulder. He got all tense and slowly looked down at you. He blushed as he saw you sleep. You looked so beautiful, and untouchable. He picked you up and placed you on your side on the couch. he layed a fleece blanket on you, turned the Tv off and left you to sleep until tomorrow. a bit later Your eyes were opening slowly to see the off Television. You looked around as you sat up with your one arm. You scratched your head as you rearranged your hair. You got up to get a glass of Water from the kitchen. You accidentally bumped into your 'dad' when he was in the kitchen. The glass slipped out of your hand and shattered as it hit the floor. "Skank clean that up!" your dad ordered. And to not anger him you did as he said. He without you knowing he was staring at your butt. He crouched down and put his arm where your shoulders were and had his pelvis rubbing against your soft plump ass. He started slipping your jogging pants Mikey gave you. You were to shocked and scared to do anything. You felt your breath grow cool, your heart pulsed and raced like a horse, your hands sweaty. He rubbed his index finger along your lips through your panties. You gasp from what he was doing. You tried to get up to Run out the window to see if Mikey was anywhere near by. He grabbed you and you were forced back down but it felt like you were punched back down. You were scared as hell. The dad you hates you, could give to shits, The girl he would sell you as a slave for just a pack of cigarettes if he could. He took your panties off and took his dick out of his pants with his pants still on him and rubbed his head along your flower petals and then shoved it in you. You were trying to scream for help but he covered your mouth, you bit his hand hard. He put his polished office shoe on your face and pushed down on it as he fucked you. He then turned to where he was on top and put his hands around your neck and started choking you. He ripped off your shirt with a kitchen knife then did the same with your bra. He was getting rougher. 'oh god he's gonna come.' you screamed in your head over and over. He was biting your nipples like a piece of steak that was like leather. You screamed as you cried. he had come all over your stomach. You layed there still and terrified. unexpectedly he turned you over doggy style and rammed his dick into your butt. You Screamed from Pain, sooo much pain. It felt like a period cramp that was giving a baby in your butt. You screamed and screamed. someone walked througth the door. You couldn't tell, you were unable to see. You heard a snicker. "well, well who do we have here." A man asked very interested. "Just a whore." your dad spat. You cried more. "Give me some of that." a man ordered. you were a man take off his shoes and then you saw socks walked to your face. He lifted your face with his two hands. "what a beauty." He complimented but you were to afraid to worry about a compliment. You heard a zipper unzip and heard clothing fall. Your eyes widened. He then said "Now no biting or you'll get punished." he talked to you like you were a kid. He pressed the head of his penis against your lips that were closed shut. He squished your cheeks so your mouth opened whether you liked it or not. A cock jammed into your throat. You felt like you were choking. Then your dad took his penis out but a new cold one jammed into it. YOU SCREAMED. The man up front moved his penis fast in and out of your mouth with his hands behind your head forcing you.Then another penis was injecting your your vagina. You were in so much pain. Dicks were everywhere. Then another dick entered Your vagina. So now you have two in your vagina, one in your butt, and one in your mouth. You had black out from the tension and pain. you were limp in their possession. The next morning.. "Y/n..Y/n.." you heard faintly. You opened your eyes to see blurriness then saw Raphael holding your naked, weak, body in his arm. "Ra-raphael?" you asked. "Yes its me. what happened?" He asked like he was gonna cry. "Raphael, (You weakly touch his jaw with your hand) I'm so sorry." you apologized. "For what?" he asked serious. "For hurting you. I-i was trying to avoid that. I just was afraid to hurt someone. But i hurt the person.." you were blacking out a little again as your arm left his face and hit the floor. He shook you a bit which woke you back up. You breathed deeply "The person who?" He questioned to afraid for you to actually think. "The person i love.. I love you. For real. I was -- just trying to do the best. But i did the worst thing--ever. I'm sorry." "No! No don't apologize. Please don't. I love you too. But what had happen." "I dont really remember" you answer as you look around the kitchen area. Then you saw something that reminded you. "Oh right...- my dad invited his friends over. I guess he said i was a treat for them.." you explain as you looked away from Raphael. "A treat??" he asked Enraged "..yea." "What DID they DO?" he asked agitated. "They..They gang raped me. It ( tears fell from your eyes. They were so hot and fresh you didn't feel them though.) You sat up and leaned yourself against his chest and hugged him. "I was so scared.." you whispered. He embraced you tightly. Never wanting to let you go. He petted your hair and said "I'm sorry this happened to you. I will make them pay..Make them all pay." He said enraged but him saying that made a weight off your shoulders go away. But that doesn't change what happened yesterday. You exhaled feeling relief to be his arms again. "i love you raphael." You smiled :) "I love you too Y/N....SO much. I will never let anything bad happen to you. ever again." THANKS NINJAS FOR READING THIS. I SHALL CONTINUE. PLEASE COMMENT AND IDEAS OR WHAT YOU THINK OF IT SO FAR. PLEASE BE KIND DOH.

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