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Okay to be honest I've always wanted to be tagged...BUT AT THE SAME TIME WHAT THE SHMER?! So now I have 16 questions to answer (._.")
Since this is going to be long might as well start now so here we go! \(^-^)/
First ten questions by RucasIsForever:
1. What are you wearing right this second?
A. Obviously a designer ball gown with matching wedges and a tiara (-_-) But seriously NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! Like any other lazy person my pajamas :p
2. Favorite book?
A. Cinder! I fell in love with the lunar chronicles and finished the series (or what of it now) by the first quarter
3. What are you currently obsessed with?
A. One, anything fluffy. Two, anything sweet. Three, Gravity falls. And four, rp with FoxythepiratefoxID2. We do it in text XD
4. What song do you think of when you first read this question?
A. The Phoenix vs Centuries BEST MASH UP EVA! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ up there :3
5. What's your opinion on star wars?
A. I seriously want to get into the trend but I've never seen any of the movies ;-;
6. Would you rather have barbed wire eyelashes or grass hair?
A. Grass hair. Can you imagine the pain to blink? 😱
7. Who would you take with you if you were moving to the opposite side of the world of where you live?
A. Its going to be a LOT of people so to sum it up, my family, my fam, my squad, and my dino army (a inside joke of what I call my groupie in school)
8. What's your favourite vacation?
A. My trip to California!
9. Who do you talk to the most?
A. Got to be either FoxythepiratefoxID2 or Britishbabeoflondon....or would it be RucasIsForever? No woomy-chan. No can't forget about the good egg in our group...DANG IT IDK ALL I KNOW IS THAT I TALK TOO MUCH!
10. Why is seri always so mad?
A. She's a high tech robot to answer and serve human beings...that in the end no one takes seriously!
Alright next 6 questions by FoxythepiratefoxID2!
11. What is your favorite color?
A. I'm in love with the color mint X3
12. Would you merry a man/woman who's rich but ugly or poor but attractive?
A. Poor but attractive. I ain't no gold digger!
13. What's your favorite book?
A. Ummmm I already answered this so I'm just gonna shuffle to the next question...
Man that song is old XD
14. How did you find me?
A. We started talking during science when we sat in the same table and I got you to ship pikachu and ketchup X3 yes I'm a weird Author-chan
15. How did you find wattpad?
A. FoxythepiratefoxID2 introduced me to it and I planned to create original books but I ended up creating fanfics cuz I'm a fangirl and xreaders will help me get more publicity and they seem fun to do and read :3 But I still plan to create original stories
16. Favorite movie?
A. Big hero 6! I just love Baymax plus I know I'm not the only one that has a small cartoon crush on Hiro XD
Alright that's all of the questions! Now the next peeps I tag are
1. Britishbabeoflondon (she's automatically in my dino army)
2. TOWANAGUS (I want you guys to answer these questions together)
3. ChillzieGamxz31 (she's a fabulous potato)
4. Bluffalo (your a fabulous otaku I can never forget XD)
And meh questions are...
1. What fandoms are you in?
2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? If so who?
3. What are your hobbies?
5. What's your opinion on anime?
4. Were you thinking I skipped 4?
6. From a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your weirdness? (And when I say weird I mean in a fun and random way XD)
7. When the time comes, will you be willing to let go of fangirling? (Ik we're all dreading that time of life ;-;)
8. What's your favorite flower? Once you've answered this I want you to include the meaning of that flower :3
(I'm obsessed with the language of flowers they're just so pretty! X3)
9. What's your biggest dream?
10. If you had three wishes what will you wish for?
Thanks for reading my tag! :D

~Francemacaroon 🍰🍪

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