13: Nursery (3rd person POV)

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Niall and Sarah had been arguing on how to decorate their girls nursery, they wanted it to be finished before the babies arrived. Sarah was now 6 months pregnant, and even though they had plenty of time, neither of them wanted to have an unfinished nursery when Sarah went into labor. It took a lot of 'arguing' and heated discussions before they could both agree on how the nursery was  supposed to look. Once they had decided that, Sarah forced, Niall,Louis, Liam, Harry, Sandy, Josh, Dan and Jon to do the work with the promising of a homecooked meal once they where done.

They had come over at like 7AM the next day to start early. As the day went on the boys were hard at working and when it was around 6PM they where all finished. Sarah came in and was surprised at what she saw. She didn't expect that 8 guys could actually design and complete a nursery for twin girls. They had put up pictures of the babies sonograms and put up the cots and everything else.

The boys where now downstairs watching tv while, Sarah was in the kitchen making homemade burgers. She had help from Sophia and Eleanor who had arrived a little while ago to help. They had seen the nursery and they both loved it as well. After a long day everyone was sitting down eating dinner and just talking to each other. After another 2 hours everyone had left and it was just Niall and Sarah. They spent the rest of the night relaxing. Niall and Sarah went to bed after watching that tv for a little while, and after a long and exhausting day they fell a sleep right away.

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