Becoming The Other woman: The Librarian Or the Stripper?

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I sucked in a deep breath as i tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall down my cheeks at any second.

Only a few hours ago I thought that I had everything I ever wanted. I had a great family, amazing friends that loved me, good grades and  a handsome boyfriend that made me feel like I was on top of the world.

Imagine what I feel like when that same guy who said he loved you countless times was actually screwing your best friend behind your back and you just happened to walk into the one room you thought was unoccupied, during the after game party?

Like your world was ending? exactly my feelings. If your thinking that they might have been drunk or out of it boy are you ever wrong. I can tell when the two of them are drunk. and let me tell you. they were both sober as the day they were born on this planet.

They didn't know i knew about them, but right now as I sat in my car right outside my school I was wondering how I was going to face them.

Deciding that I was just going to have to suck it up, i blinked multiple times to clear my eyes before i stepped out of my car, slinging my bag over my shoulder and plastering on a fake smile to make it look as if I weren't dying on the inside.

I turned to lock my car door when i caught sight of my reflection in the window. My blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun and i wore no makeup what so ever.

I hated putting on makeup. it just felt like this coating on my skin and all i want to do is take a shower to take it off.

I wore a plain grey t-shirt, straight leg jeans and my red converse. I didn't look amazing but i didn't look bad either.

I considered myself to be pretty on an average level, but what I saw in the mirror wasn't what everyone else did.

Letting out a small pained sigh i turned to face my fate. i just prayed that I was strong enough to keep from crying infront of everyone like a 2 year old.

As i stepped into the crowded hallway i saw my lying best friend, Abbey, looking for me. When her eyes landed on me her face brightened, but the smile that framed her face, didn't reach her eyes. Instead her eyes held a sort of...resentment in them that i never saw before until today.

Gulping back my hurt and pain i flashed her a smile, giving her a small wave as she weaved through the crowds to come walk beside me.

"Hey Bev!" she chirped with too much enthusiam. "did you enjoy the party last night?" i forced the images of them tangled together  on the bed to the back of my mind, as i moved to my locker we had stopped infront of.

"yeah" i breathed. "except i couldn't find pete for a while. he kind of just...disappeared on me. you didn't happen to see him did you?" i added, turning to look her in the eye.

If i didn't know better i wouldn't have seen the slight blush that coloured her cheeks or turned the tips of her ears red.

she totally knew where pete had disappeared to, but she still had the nerve to shake her head at me and keep that  smile still plastered on her face.

"no i didn't. I thought he was with you for the whole night." she added as a reassurance. obviously covering her back.

it was so painfully obvious what she was doing behind my back. But i guess i was just alittle to trusting. A little to nice for my own good.

i gave a thoughtful nod before turning back to my locker to grab my books. "hey babe" i heard pete coo from behind me. I held back my grimace as i turned with an even wider fake smile on my face.

"heyyy!" i drawled, catching the lingering look pete and abbey shared with one another. One that was obviously holding alot more meaning then just a simple glance.

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